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Tips for Maintaining Long Term Sobriety

tips for maintaining sobriety

Sobriety isn’t static. It’s not that famous “set it and forget it” infomercial slogan.

It requires a plan, dedication and some real follow through.

It’s something that constantly needs to be tended to and worked towards. In fact, in many ways you can think of sobriety like gardening. Getting seeds to grow into strong plants and beautiful flowers takes time, energy and attention. They take nurturing. The seeds of sobriety that are planted in rehab require the same. 

Why Is Sobriety A Lifelong Journey?

Detox and treatment are really just the very first steps in what will become your lifelong journey. Now, the connotation of “lifelong journey” might feel weighty and heavy, as if it’s something hard to slog through.

That doesn’t have to be the case and to be frank, it shouldn’t be the case.

The idea and aim of rehab is not solely to get you clean and sober, it’s to set you up with the tools you need that will allow you to comfortably travel the path of recovery for the long run. It’s kind of the planning phase, a way to lay the groundwork and build the foundation on which you can confidently tackle life’s obstacles without reliance on substances. Continuing to water those seeds is what the journey of recovery ends up being about.

Tips for Maintaining Sobriety

Maintaining sobriety is predicated on being proactive rather reactive, what that looks like in practice, is some of the following:

Aftercare – First and foremost, you should seriously consider aftercare options offered by your treatment center. If aftercare isn’t an option directly through them, there are plenty of other helpful choices. Support groups are a fantastic way to go and come in many different flavors with the classics like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous being well known to just about everyone. Not only do they provide much needed support and guidance but they have built in accountability and, perhaps most importantly, present opportunities to create sober minded friendships.

Help Others – This is a major part of being in a support group and helping others on their recovery journeys will come naturally the longer you go to meetings. There are plenty of reasons why helping others also helps you but the most notable are that it allows you to see how far you’ve come, it creates additional accountability for you to lead by example which encourages you to stay with your plan and path.

Stay with Your Plan – Any rehab worth its salt will help you put together a plan for lasting sobriety. Naturally, that will change as time goes by but the core tenets will likely remain intact. Staying with that overarching sobriety plan is vital.

Avoid the Myth of Moderation – For some people, there comes a point in their journey where they feel like they’ve got everything under control and the thought crosses their mind, “just one drink can’t hurt” or “I can handle just one quick hit”. Nope. Moderation for an addict is a myth. The point of all your work in rehab, all the hours, days, weeks and months was not to get you to a moderate drug habit. Addiction is a mental disorder and for those affected by it, the slippery slope back to addiction is very real. It’s best not be toyed with or chanced.

Know Your Triggers – A huge one. Understanding what can lead you back to using is essential in avoiding relapse. Know the external situations that can trigger you, the people, places, things, etc. and also be aware of the internal thoughts and feelings that can lead you there too. Having a good grasp on all of that can keep you on course.

Maintain Sobriety With the Help of Principles Recovery Center

Remember recovery is a garden that needs constant tending. Moreover, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re having trouble staying on the path, reach out to us at Principles Recovery Center, we’re happy to listen and help you right the ship.

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