For those who are looking for a solution to addiction, a partial hospitalization program like ours at Principles Recovery Center in South Florida can help. A partial hospitalization program offers clients the benefits of a residential inpatient program without being inpatient. We offer our clients a uniquely individualized approach in order to treat each person’s specific issues that lead to substance abuse. Learn more and contact us today to get help for addiction before it’s too late.


Just as there are many ways to develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there are many paths to lasting recovery. When choosing your own path to recovery, it’s extremely important to be aware of your own history with substance abuse as well as knowing the differences between the main types of addiction treatment programs. With Principles Recovery Center’s partial hospitalization program, South Florida patients have access to a high-quality treatment program that combines the best of both inpatient and outpatient care.

What’s The Difference?


Compared to other forms of treatment, partial hospitalization treatment — also commonly known as partial day rehab — is an intermediate level of addiction treatment that shares a number of similarities with inpatient care.

While in our partial hospitalization program, South Florida patients will be treated by our psychiatrist, nurse, and skilled counselors in order to address not only the clients’ addiction but also the underlying issues that can lead to relapse. We are committed to helping our clients achieve long term recovery which is why we have a diverse group schedule with a major focus on relapse prevention. When a patient enrolls in our partial hospitalization rehab, he or she can expect to receive 25 hours of care weekly. Among other important therapeutic elements, that care also consists of a wide range of therapy groups focused on core issues, triggers, coping tools, anxiety reduction exercises, inspirational/motivational groups, and much more.

Ultimately, the goal of our partial hospitalize program in South Florida is to keep clients excited for the next group session instead of feeling as if they are trapped in a room full of chairs. We have gone to great lengths to make our group sessions as engaging and entertaining as they are extremely valuable for recovery. We firmly believe that when an individual is engaged in treatment, he or she is able to take-in and retain far more of the information that’s being provided.


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If a patient were to simply skip the detoxification phase of the recovery and go straight into clinical treatment, it’s quite likely that he or she would be experiencing or suffering from withdrawal symptoms and immediately leave treatment and seek comfort in their drug of choice.

Although the severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary from one person to the net, the majority of individuals who are suffering from withdrawal would have extreme difficulty participating in treatment even if they stayed. With certain substances like alcohol and benzos posing potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, detoxification is a must in order to effectively produce the best treatment outcome.

Understanding How We Treat Addiction


If we accept that addiction treatment exist on a spectrum with inpatient on one side of that spectrum and outpatient on the other, partial hospitalization exists closer to the inpatient side. This means that, despite being an outpatient-style program, PHP programs actually have much more in common with inpatient programs in many ways.

At Principles Recovery Center, we recognize that everyone who suffers from a substance abuse problem has unique needs. Within reason, our partial hospitalization rehab program has been specially designed to address the widest possible variety of recovery needs.

Outside of addiction rehabilitation, partial hospitalization is widely seen as a form of treatment for individuals with severe symptoms who aren’t in immediate danger. Therefore, a partial hospitalization program for addiction is ideal for individuals suffering from mild to moderate addictions, or for individuals who have completed outpatient treatment programs with little success.

Most patients who enroll in our partial hospitalization program can expect to participate in roughly five days of treatment per week. Being that this program is an outpatient form of treatment, there are no residential accommodations provided. Instead, patients will continue to live at home while commuting to treatment on designated days. On these days, the patients will participate in a combination of individual or one-on-one counseling sessions as well as coordinated group therapy sessions, the latter of which is designed to impart crucial knowledge and skills to sustaining long-term sobriety.

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Although many individuals can benefit from partial hospitalization treatment at Principles Recovery Center, there are certain situations or circumstances that are particularly conducive to this form of treatment.

One of the most common scenarios for partial hospitalization treatment is the need for flexibility in scheduling. Despite the fact that inpatient care is the most intensive form of addiction treatment, not everyone is able to complete an inpatient program. With inpatient treatment, a patient must reside on-site at the treatment facility, which means it’s necessary to take an extended leave of absence from his or her life. This can be extremely difficult for individuals who have jobs or careers, familial obligations, or other responsibilities that prohibit inpatient care. Rather than having to remain in active addiction, partial hospitalization treatment gives these individuals the opportunity to receive a high level of treatment and care while continuing to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities at home and/or at work.

Alternatively, it’s common for individuals to utilize partial hospitalization treatment as a follow-up to completing inpatient treatment. In fact, this is how to renowned continuum of care works. In short, the continuum of care is a trajectory for recovery in which a patient begins with detoxification before proceeding to inpatient treatment, which is followed by a form of outpatient care such as partial hospitalization treatment. When this kind of treatment plan is followed, individuals typically have greater chances of remaining sober long-term because the subsequent forms of treatment reinforce the skills and strategies that patients acquire in the preceding program. So when a partial hospitalization program follows inpatient care, the partial hospitalization program essentially reinforces what the patient learned while in the inpatient program.

Partial hospitalization is also great for recovery first-timers. If you or someone you love has only been suffering from addiction for a relatively brief amount of time, and if the addiction is particularly severe or to a substance like alcohol or benzodiazepines, partial hospitalization can be quite effective when utilized on its own. Since it’s much more intensive and affords more time in treatment than most other types of outpatient care, individuals receiving partial hospitalization treatment are better able to absorb the skills that are often crucial to sustaining one’s sobriety indefinitely. Compared to an outpatient program, partial hospitalization treatment affords much more time for patients to not only learn sobriety but to prepare themselves for when they return to their homes and must assume full responsibility for maintaining that sobriety into the future.

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All PHP clients will be evaluated by our psychiatrist with follow up appointments, as needed with comprehensive care during their time. Clients will be assigned a primary counselor for the duration of their stay. As the family is so deeply affected by the clients’ addiction, Principles Recovery Program is committed to ensuring the family is part of the treatment process and provide family meetings in South Florida for PHP clients as well as accommodate virtual meetings.

The primary counselor will also help clients facilitate healing within the family by weekly family sessions. Our PHP in Davie, FL is referred to as an “Old School” approach to recovery, focusing on a dedicated treatment plan giving clients as much one on one attention as possible rather than large group settings. Our PHP clients attend meditation, yoga, and the gym among a number of other activities to keep them active as well. For more information, contact us today.


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