It can be difficult when you know someone is struggling with an addiction, but you’re not sure how to help. We all know that rehab is the best solution when someone has a substance abuse issue, but paying for rehab is not something everyone can do. Luckily, South Florida drug rehab centers like ours here at Principles Recovery are proud to accept most insurance plans, including Aetna Insurance.


Here is an overview of the type of coverage provided by Aetna and how you can get treatment for your loved one that may be covered through your insurance policy. Contact us here at Principles Recovery if you have questions regarding your insurance, and we will help you as best we can or direct you to your care provider for detailed information.

Get to Know Your Insurance


Aetna is an insurance company that has been providing health insurance for patients as far back as 1850. Since then, it has grown to become the third largest insurer in the United States, helping millions of Americans get the healthcare coverage they need.

Through comprehensive coverage of a wide range of issues, Aetna has become one of the leading providers of mental health coverage in the country and is leading the way in helping take care of patients with certain issues.

If you’re looking for an outpatient treatment center that accepts Aetna insurance, then you have to look no further than right here at Principles Recovery.

Principles Recovery provides addiction treatment in South Florida, covered by Aetna health insurance.


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It serves as an initial primer for the remainder of the individual’s treatment process. If a patient were to simply skip the detoxification phase of the recovery and go straight into clinical treatment, it’s quite likely that he or she would be experiencing or suffering from withdrawal symptoms and immediately leave treatment and seek comfort in their drug of choice. Although the severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary from one person to the net, the majority of individuals who are suffering from withdrawal would have extreme difficulty participating in treatment even if they stayed. With certain substances like alcohol and benzos posing potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, detoxification is a must in order to effectively produce the best treatment outcome.

Aetna Coverage in South Florida


Aetna drug rehab coverage is provided in many of their plans, including HMO and PPO plans. The specifics of that coverage will depend on your exact plan, but there is some form of coverage for both drug and alcohol rehab facilities in South Florida.

The amount of coverage a person has will depend on the specifics of their individual plans. In some cases, insurance may cover a portion of the expenses for rehab for a set period of time. It may be possible for you to get the full extent of your rehab paid for by your insurance plan.

However, medication is sometimes a separate issue, so you may need to discuss with a policy expert whether or not medication-assisted treatment is covered or whether you may have to pay out of pocket for any medications used during your treatment program.

Principles Recovery is your home for outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in South FloridaContact us today to see how we can help you or your loved one deal with their addiction.

While in an addiction treatment program, an individual acquires the knowledge, strategies, and skills that are necessary to achieve sobriety and then continue to reinforce that sobriety once he or she returns home.

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Just like with the amount your insurance plan will pay, the length of treatment will be determined by your individual plan and the type of treatment you choose to receive. It’s essential to make sure that the treatment center you select is in your network to ensure you’re covered and choose the type of treatment that is right for your unique situation.

For inpatient stays, your Aetna insurance may cover 1 to 6 weeks of treatment at a drug and alcohol Aetna treatment center in South Florida.

However, if outpatient treatment is the type of care you would prefer, your plan may cover anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks of treatment, meaning you have a much longer treatment plan than when trying to go through inpatient care. There are benefits to each type of care, so it’s important to talk with a specialist at your local Aetna drug and alcohol rehab center to figure out which option is right for you.

A representative from Principles Recovery is always available to help answer your questions and guide you on the path to recovery.

Insurance Can Help Cover

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Principles Recovery Center works with most major insurance carriers


Insurance coverage for treatment is within reach. We are in-network with most insurance carriers in Florida.


Discover the Benefits of Having Aetna


When you choose an in-network Aetna rehab center, there are a number of benefits you’ll get that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

For starters, you’ll have access to care and support from your insurance provider throughout the entire treatment process so that if you have any questions or concerns about your coverage or the treatment you may receive, there’s always someone there to help you. It can be difficult to figure out the insurance process when trying to get help with an addiction, so making sure that you go to an in-network rehab center will make the process that much easier.

Another benefit of choosing an in-network rehab is that you’ll have to deal with fewer hassles when it comes to filing it with your insurance in the first place. While insurance companies will sometimes pay for treatments and costs out of network, it is much less likely and much more difficult to do; staying in-network reduces those headaches so that you can focus on recovery.

Lastly, by going with an in-network treatment center, you know that you are going to be dealing with a quality treatment facility that knows how to deal with addiction. After all, an insurance company like Aetna wouldn’t partner with just anyone to provide care for their customers.

That’s why Principles Recovery is proud to be part of the Aetna network in South Florida.

The Levels of Care


Your Aetna insurance may cover all different levels of treatment, including but not limited to partial hospitalization, residential inpatient care, outpatient and intensive outpatient care, and even medication-assisted treatment.

The length of treatment, how much coverage is provided, and the medications that are covered will vary by your individual plan, so it’s important to talk with a policy expert and an addiction specialist before entering rehab so that you know what treatment you need and what your specific plan will actually pay for.

Visit our website at Principles Recovery or contact us today to find out if your insurance coverage qualifies you for treatment.


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Now that you know a bit more about Aetna insurance and how they help cover your addiction treatment, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to come to Principles Recovery in South Florida and get the treatment you need. As an in-network rehab center, we are able to provide clients with the care they need without having to worry about coverage.


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