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Addiction Treatment & Insurance


Year in and year out, tens of millions of Americans need some form of drug or alcohol treatment. Most of today’s health insurance plans cover at least some of the cost of this treatment. In Florida, many people receive their coverage from an AvMed insurance plan. If you’re a South Florida resident with AvMed coverage, you need to know in advance if your chosen substance treatment provider accepts it. This can be a make-or-break factor in your ability to afford the rehab you require.

At Principles Recovery Center in South Florida, we accept insurance from a wide range of providers. That includes plans obtained through AvMed. You can use your AvMed insurance to help cover the cost of our full slate of recovery services. That’s just one of the ways that Principles makes the treatment process as straightforward as possible.

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Starting Your Recovery Off With Detoxification in South Florida

The first step in your drug or alcohol recovery is establishing initial substance abstinence. To do this, you must stop drinking or taking drugs. You must also cope with the impact of any withdrawal symptoms that arise when your substance use ends. You could try to work toward these crucial milestones on your own. But research shows that a supervised detoxification or detox program is a safer, more reliable choice.

A detox program is specifically designed to help you halt your substance use. It also helps you make it through drug or alcohol withdrawal by:

  • Stabilizing your overall condition
  • Using supportive care or medication to relieve your withdrawal symptoms
  • Providing treatment for any problems that occur during withdrawal

Detox providers also help you continue on in a rehab program once you’ve reached abstinence.

At Principles Recovery Center, we feature comprehensive, in-house detox services. With our help, you can start your long-term sobriety efforts off right. To learn more about our personalized South Florida drug and alcohol detox plans, contact us today.

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Avmed Coverage in South Florida

Enrolling in Avmed Drug Rehab in South Florida

Rehab is the natural and necessary complement to substance detox. That’s true because detox is only intended to help you clear out your system and reach an abstinent state. Once you achieve these objectives, you need to find ways to protect and solidify your newfound abstinence. You take on that task in rehab by enrolling in a suitable drug or alcohol treatment program.

Effective rehab is customized on two different levels. First, it relies on treatments known to help people recover from their specific form of addiction. This means that suitable recovery plans vary according to the source of your problems. However, even for people addicted to the same substance, recovery needs often differ substantially. For this reason, your plan must be further adapted to fit your particular circumstances. 

Psychotherapy is the most common method of helping you deal effectively with drug or alcohol problems. Today, high-quality therapy options are suitable for treating any form of addiction. Medication is also a main component of some recovery plans.

Principles Recovery Center is your trusted source for South Florida Avmed addiction treatment. Talk to us today to learn more about how we help ensure that your rehab plan maximizes your recovery success. That’s true whether you need AvMed drug rehab or AvMed alcohol rehab in South Florida.

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Insurance Can Help Cover the Cost of Treatment at PRC.

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Outpatient Rehab Options

Some people have severe substance problems that call for an inpatient rehab approach. 

If this is true for you, outpatient rehab programs may meet the needs of your situation. Available forms of this rehab include:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)

Each of these programs provides a certain number of treatment hours per week. All IOPs provide more weekly treatment than an outpatient program. In turn, all PHPs provide more treatment than an IOP.

Principles Recovery Center features a full range of outpatient rehab programs. Contact us today to find out which of these options will best suit your current needs.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Principles Recovery Center works with most major insurance carriers who provide out-of-network benefits. We are also in-network with Cigna, Beacon, Ambetter, Magellan, and AvMed insurance carriers. Your insurance may help cover the costs associate with treatment at Principles Recovery Center.

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Dual Diagnosis Care at an Avmed Drug Rehab in South Florida

Many people affected by addiction qualify for a dual diagnosis. This means that they also have diagnosable symptoms of an additional mental illness. Recovery from dual diagnosis is not the same as recovery from standalone addiction. That’s true because the overlapping presence of mental illness can intensify the impact of addiction. At the same time, the overlapping effects of addiction can intensify the impact of mental illness. 

If you hope to overcome dual diagnosis, the interlocking conditions affecting you cannot be treated as separate problems. Instead, you must receive unified treatment that tackles both issues at once. In addition, this treatment must be provided by experienced dual diagnosis experts.

At Principles, we offer specialized dual diagnosis services. With our help, you can make gains in your recovery from any pairing of addiction and mental illness. Talk to our staff of experts to learn more.

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Insurance Can Help Cover the Cost of Treatment at PRC.

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Adolescent Substance Recovery

Millions of America’s teenagers have drug- or alcohol-related substance problems. However, for various reasons, teens affected by addiction have different needs than affected adults. These needs are best met in programs specifically designed to treat adolescents.

At Principles Recovery Center, we understand the critical need for teen-centric recovery options. Our Adolescent Wellness Academy not only provides those options. We also offer transportation services that increase the convenience of your child’s treatment. Contact us today for more details.

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Alumni Services

When rehab ends, it’s important that you maintain access to resources that can support your long-term recovery. One of the most helpful of these kinds of resources is an alumni program. Alumni services make it easy for you to communicate and network with others who have completed rehab. In turn, a stable peer network can reinforce your ongoing sobriety in multiple ways.

Principles Recovery offers a variety of alumni services for the graduates of drug and alcohol rehab programs. We have options to fit every need from regular meetings to lifetime aftercare resources. For more information, talk to our knowledgeable staff today.

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Insurance Can Help Cover the Cost of Treatment at PRC.

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Rehab en Español

In South Florida, many residents rely on Spanish as their first or only language. Like everyone else, members of the Spanish-speaking community often need drug or alcohol treatment services. You’ll find those services at Principles Recovery Center. We feature a dedicated recovery program that caters to the requirements of Spanish speakers.

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Turn to Principles for AvMed-Backed South Florida Detox and Rehab Services

Substance recovery is a challenging process with multiple steps and milestones. With help, you can meet the challenges you face and return to a stable routine that’s free from drugs or alcohol. That’s a realistic goal even for people affected by severe forms of addiction. And adequate insurance coverage makes it that much more likely that you will get the care you need. 

Looking for AvMed alcohol rehab or AvMed drug rehab in South Florida? Turn to the experts at Principles Recovery Center. We accept individual and employer AvMed plans and AvMed Medicare Advantage plans. No matter how you’re affected by addiction, Principles has customized programs that support your return to wellness. To get the recovery process started, contact us today and learn more about our South Florida drug rehab

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