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Addiction is something that affects every aspect of a person’s life and their family as well. Most people with addiction disorders have experienced effects in their relationships, on their physical health, at work, and even legally and financially.

Symptoms of addiction, aside from compulsive substance use, include:

  • Continuing to use drugs or alcohol even though it causes bad outcomes or side effects.
  •  Abandoning other responsibilities.
  • Making substances a top priority above everything else.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms with attempts to cut back or stop cold turkey.
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to cut back or stop using.
  • Engaging in risky behaviors while using substances or to try and get more.

When looking for an addiction treatment center near Plantation, choosing a facility that understands all the impacts of addiction is essential. Principles Recovery Center offers rehab programs that are comprehensive, specialized, and focused on helping each client meet individual goals.

Principles Recovery Center is a South Florida addiction treatment center that offers comprehensive outpatient programs. Contact us today to learn more.

The Need for Quality Addiction Treatment in South Florida


Addiction is a powerful, complicated chronic disease requiring effective treatment to overcome. What’s important to note is that the right treatment program makes recovery possible.

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment center near Plantation, Principles Recovery Center is nearby. We are a family-owned South Florida addiction treatment center offering individualized programming. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol, heroin, cocaine, or any other substance, the Principles Recovery Center team can work with you to build a life in recovery, free from addiction. Principles Recovery Center is a South Florida drug rehab that can help.


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Partial Hospitalization

The partial hospitalization program at Principles Recovery Center was designed to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our PHP program in South Florida is here to help you recover.

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Intensive Outpatient

Our South Florida intensive outpatient program offers day & night options for continued care and long-term treatment once you complete our PHP program.

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A step-down treatment option, the outpatient program at Principles Recovery offers lifetime aftercare support for every client who walks through our doors.

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Dual Diagnosis

More than 48% of those addicted suffer from co-occurring mental illness. Principles Recovery Center offers a true dual-diagnosis program in South Florida at our center.

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Adolescent & Teens

Adolescent Wellness Academy is our adolescent & teen program at Principles Recovery Center that offers a variety of substance abuse & mental health treatment.

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Alumni Program

Stay connected to all things recovery with the Principles Recovery Center Alumni Program. From lifetime aftercare to monthly alumni meetings, we are here for you. Always.

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One of the biggest questions researchers have attempted to answer in recent years is why some people become addicted to substances, and others don’t. While there’s not one specific answer to this, it’s likely due to a complex interaction between environment, genetics, and someone’s life experiences. Mental health disorders, like anxiety or depression, also raise the risk of experiencing addiction.

Addiction is a disease that affects chemicals in the brain and reward pathways.

Using a substance with potential addiction can activate the same pathways in the brain as other rewarding activities, like eating a great meal.

However, the amount of dopamine flooding the brain with substances is much more significant than other activities. That amount of dopamine creates a euphoric high.

If the brain’s reward centers are activated, it compels you to keep using the substance whether you want to or not.

Eventually, many addicted to drugs or alcohol no longer experience the high. Still, they continue using the substance because of their addiction and also because they would experience withdrawal symptoms if they were to stop.

The critical defining feature of addiction is drug seeking that is compulsive and out-of-control, regardless of harmful consequences that occur as a result.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment near Plantation, Principles Recovery Center is available. Our South Florida rehab center works with clients who want to overcome their addiction and live meaningful, self-directed lives, free from the hold of substances.

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Detox serves as an initial primer for the remainder of the individual’s treatment process. If a patient were to simply skip the detoxification phase of the recovery and go straight into clinical treatment, it’s quite likely that he or she would be experiencing or suffering from withdrawal symptoms and immediately leave treatment and seek comfort in their drug of choice. Although the severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary from one person to the net, the majority of individuals who are suffering from withdrawal would have extreme difficulty participating in treatment even if they stayed. With certain substances like alcohol and benzos posing potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, detoxification is a must in order to effectively produce the best treatment outcome.

Effectiveness of Treatment


If you’re searching for a drug rehab center in the Plantation area or nearby, you have many options. But they aren’t all equal regarding the quality of care. Certain elements need to exist for an addiction treatment program to be effective.

Treatment should integrate the following principles:

  • Treatment should be readily available with as few barriers as possible.
  • Not one treatment is right for everyone—many factors play a role in developing and treating addiction. Addiction treatment has to be individualized to the person, reflecting their circumstances and needs.
  • Addiction is challenging but treatable and is medically characterized as a chronic brain disorder.
  • An effective treatment program should be holistic to meet all individual needs rather than only focusing on substance use. An effective rehab program should consider the physical and mental needs of the person and their emotional needs.
  • It’s critical to remain in treatment for a long enough period.
  • Behavioral therapies and counseling are the cornerstones of most rehab programs.
  • Medications may be needed for many patients as part of a treatment plan.
  • As you evolve in your recovery, your treatment plan should as well.
  • If someone has other mental health disorders, which are very common in people with addiction disorders, these should also be treated.
  • Going through a detox program isn’t an addiction treatment—rather, it’s a first step in the process.

When you’re looking for a substance abuse treatment program near Plantation, we encourage you to learn more about Principles Recovery Center. We serve South Florida, other parts of Florida, and clients from around the country, making us an ideal option if you’re searching for an effective addiction treatment center.

Principles Recovery Center works with most major insurance carriers


Insurance coverage for treatment is within reach. We are in-network with most insurance carriers in Florida.

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At Principles Recovery Center, we offer multiple levels of care. Many clients will participate in several care levels throughout their treatment plan. This is known as a continuum of care.

The philosophy of the continuum of care approach is that you begin with the most intensive level of care first—often inpatient treatment. Then, only as you’re ready and at your own pace do you move into lower levels of care that provide more flexibility and individual accountability.

Some of the available levels of care at Principles Recovery Center include:

  • Partial hospitalization program: During a PHP, you receive the benefits of being in a residential, inpatient program, but you can return home in the evenings or to a sober living house. A PHP is also known as partial day rehab, and you receive treatment from a psychiatrist, nurse, and counselors. At Principles Recovery Center, if you’re in a PHP Fort Lauderdale, you receive around 25 hours of care a week, including therapy groups.
  • Outpatient rehab: There are many reasons someone might not begin with an inpatient program, including the need to continue meeting other responsibilities. Our outpatient rehab program provides the support you need to recover and a sense of flexibility.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: These programs treat addiction and mental illnesses simultaneously, helping clients learn how to manage both conditions and recover.
  • Aftercare: Recovery is something that lasts a lifetime. A big part of treatment and recovery relies on an aftercare plan that includes support groups or 12-step meetings, therapy, sober housing referrals, and continued treatment. At Principles Recovery Center, our aftercare specialists have a network of resources and facilities around the country to ensure you have an established aftercare plan.

Our treatment center also offers specialized programs, including a Spanish program and one for teens.

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While Principles Recovery Center doesn’t offer medical detox or inpatient treatment, we can refer you to programs that do.

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment center near Plantation, Principles Recovery Center leads the way in South Florida. We have a team of expert providers who understand how to help you meet your goals.

Principles Recovery Center in Davie, Florida, offers evidence-based treatment for substance use and psychiatric disorders. We are family-owned and take a boutique approach to treating addiction disorders. Contact our team today if you’d like to learn more or want to take the next step toward recovery.


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