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Finding Heroin Addiction Help

Making the Change: Finding Heroin Addiction Help

The main thing to know right off the bat is that heroin is an opioid. Being in the throes of an opioid epidemic in this country for the last couple
tips for maintaining sobriety

Tips for Maintaining Long Term Sobriety

Sobriety isn’t static. It’s not that famous “set it and forget it” infomercial slogan. It requires a plan, dedication and some real follow through. It’s something that constantly needs to
getting help for meth addiction

Getting Help for a Crystal Meth Addiction

It goes by many names, speed, crank, glass, ice, etc. but whatever you call it, crystal meth is a particularly brutal drug.  As recently as 2017, roughly 15% of all
drug aftercare

Is Drug Rehab Aftercare for Me?

Yes. Aftercare is for everyone. Let’s get that out of the way. That said, blanket generalizations aren’t necessarily helpful and while yes, broadly speaking, drug rehab aftercare is very likely
mental illness and addiction

Dual-Diagnosis: Treating Mental Illness and Addiction

Unfortunately, addiction and mental illness aren’t mutually exclusive things for a lot of people. While neither occurs in a vacuum and external forces influence everything in our lives, with respect

Why You Need Outpatient Rehab

Rehab is best looked at as happening along a continuum. The stages of going from addict to living a sober life melt into one another to make the transitions as

Finding an Alcohol Rehab in South Florida

Alcohol abuse of any kind is tough to deal with anywhere but if you live in a vacation hotspot like South Florida, it’s just that little bit harder. It’s constant
self care for recovering addicts

Self Care For Recovering Addicts

It’s already easy enough to beat ourselves up, get lost in a chaotic life and fall into a negative feedback loop that has us down and doubting which leads us
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