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mental illness and addiction

Dual-Diagnosis: Treating Mental Illness and Addiction

Unfortunately, addiction and mental illness aren’t mutually exclusive things for a lot of people. While neither occurs in a vacuum and external forces influence everything in our lives, with respect

Why You Need Outpatient Rehab

Rehab is best looked at as happening along a continuum. The stages of going from addict to living a sober life melt into one another to make the transitions as

Finding an Alcohol Rehab in South Florida

Alcohol abuse of any kind is tough to deal with anywhere but if you live in a vacation hotspot like South Florida, it’s just that little bit harder. It’s constant
self care for recovering addicts

Self Care For Recovering Addicts

It’s already easy enough to beat ourselves up, get lost in a chaotic life and fall into a negative feedback loop that has us down and doubting which leads us
drug addiction therapy

Drug Addiction Therapy

Once you’ve made the decision to go down the path of recovery and work your way into a life of sobriety, the next steps are well-trodden. Detox then, generally, residential
prescription pills addiction

Prescription Pills Addiction: What It Looks Like

Are prescription pills additive? The short answer is; yes. Yes, you can become addicted to prescription pills. The longer answer is also going to be yes because when you strip
friends helping each other with what to do after rehab

What To Do After Rehab

It’s long been said that recovery is a lifelong process and while it may feel or sound cliché, it’s undeniably true. You’ve done the immensely challenging work of getting clean;

Importance of Mental Health Awareness

It wasn’t too long ago in human history that mental health was poorly understood. Depression was just a matter of needing to make yourself happier, while other debilitating disorders like
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