What Are the Signs of Prescription Pain Pill Abuse?

What Are the Signs of Prescription Pill Abuse?

Most of us know that there are many illicit drugs out there that are easy to become addicted to. However, what often gets overlooked is the number of prescription pills that are abused that people ultimately become addicted to. Because they are prescriptions, it can be difficult to tell if someone is actively abusing them or taking them as directed. Because a doctor prescribes them, we often don’t think about the potential for addiction. In particular, prescription pain pills are a significant problem for many people. Prescription pill abuse has become so bad in the United States that many places have begun to regulate and monitor the rate at which certain drugs are prescribed.

At Principles Recovery Center, we believe that everyone deserves the help they need to get free of pain pill addiction. Getting free of pain pill addiction starts with education. That’s why in this post, we’re going to look at the abuse of pain pills, what prescription pain pills are, why prescription pain pills are dangerous, the signs of prescription pain pill abuse, and how to find prescription pain pill treatment centers in South Florida.

What Are Prescription Pain Pills?

Because many drugs are widely prescribed, it can be difficult to know which ones are prescription pain pills and which ones aren’t. In general, most prescription pain pills are in the category of drugs known as opioids. In fact, opioids are the most commonly prescribed pain medication available due to the way that it interacts with the body and the variety of ways they can be used to treat and manage pain. In addition to this, opioids are potent, so they are often used to manage chronic pain conditions and even term terminal conditions like cancer.

Opioids are highly addictive, and overt continued use can lead to abuse and eventual dependence. Because many people with pain issues need painkillers, it can often be difficult to tell whether or not a person is abusing them or simply using them to treat the pain that they have. That is why it is important to know what to look for when it comes to signs of abuse and potential addiction.

Why Are Prescription Pain Pills Dangerous?

The main reason prescription pain pills are dangerous is that they are highly addictive, and using too many can lead to them no longer working properly. Over time, prescription pain pills actually alter the chemistry of the body to the point where the body becomes chemically dependent on the pain pills in order to function normally. This is ultimately the root cause of what leads to addiction for most people.

This is particularly dangerous because a person could go from taking the drugs according to the prescription to taking more than is necessary and changing how they use the drug to achieve the same effects. They may even move to stronger and more potent drugs to get the same feeling they got from their original prescription. Once the body becomes dependent and a person is fully addicted to painkillers, it can be very difficult to break the cycle without help.

What Are the Signs of Prescription Pain Pill Abuse?

There are a number of signs to look for when it comes to prescription pain pill abuse. The first sign is that someone is taking more of their pain pills than they should be. This can be because the pills no longer have the desired effect or a person needs a higher dosage to achieve that effect. You may also see a change in which a person takes the pills, such as going from swallowing pills to crushing them up and snorting them or even injecting the pills to achieve the effects immediately. 

Additionally, you may see things like more drastic drug-seeking behavior, such as reaching out to other sources to find pain pills or going to different doctors to get prescriptions for more potent medication. People who become addicted to pain pills may also become withdrawn from family and friends and stop taking care of daily life necessities. The key signs that someone is addicted to pain pills is when they continue to use them despite negative consequences on their life.

How to Find Prescription Pain Pill Treatment Centers?

If you realize that someone you know has a prescription pain pill addiction, it is important to get them treatment as soon as possible. You can spend a lot of time looking for a treatment center online, or you could come to us here at Principles Recovery Center. At our South Florida treatment center, we offer a broad range of options from Teen and Adolescent care to outpatient care to dual diagnosis.
Each program starts with an individualized plan that works to target your specific addiction and not just the drug itself. clients then move on to detox before working on their customized treatment plan. We even offer aftercare services to continue the process once treatment has officially ended. If you or someone you know is suffering from a prescription pain pill addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Principles Recovery Center today.

How to Find Prescription Drug Treatment in South Florida

How to Find Prescription Drug Treatment in South Florida

At Principles Recovery Center, we believe that knowledge is the first step to getting the help you need to battle your addiction. To help with that, in this blog post, we’re going to discuss why prescription drug addiction is so common, the signs of prescription drug addiction, the types of prescription drugs that are commonly abused, and how to find prescription drug treatment in South Florida.

There are many different types of addiction, and all of them can be difficult to treat or deal with the effects. Still, one of the most prevalent forms of addiction in the United States and one that is incredibly difficult to deal with is prescription drug addiction. An addiction to prescription drugs in prescription drug abuse is so common, in fact, that many medications are tightly regulated in control to where people are able to be given large amounts of them. This partly depends on the type of drug prescribed and the potential for addiction that the drug carries, but it has nonetheless become a problem here in America.

Why is Prescription Drug Addiction so Common?

If you’ve never suffered from addiction, it is easy to wonder why prescription drug addiction is so common. There are a number of factors that contribute to prescription drug addiction and why many people find themselves struggling with it.

First, one of the reasons why prescription drug addiction is so common is due to the fact that many of the drugs that are prescribed to treat a wide range of medical conditions have a likelihood of becoming addicted regardless of whether a person misuses the drug or not.

Many people become addicted without realizing it because they have been on a particular medication for a long time. Over time, the body becomes dependent on that medication. Thus, when use increases, so does the likelihood of addiction.

It is important to think about the fact that the reason prescription drug addiction is so common is due to the sheer volume of prescriptions that many people take. Whether it be opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, or another type of drug, there is a chance that a person may become addicted.

What Prescription Drugs Are Commonly Abused?

The most widely abused prescription drugs in America are opioids. Opioids are prescribed to too many people every day to treat injuries and deal with pain management and recovery after surgery and other reasons, coupled with the fact that so many opioids are prescribed that opioids are incredibly addictive by nature. Within this category of drugs are the medications in the Oxycontin family, all of which are highly addictive. That’s not to mention the fact that drugs like heroin and fentanyl are also considered opioids, both of which are incredibly powerful and Incredibly addictive.

Other commonly abused drugs include benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety and other disorders and some psychotropic drugs used to treat mental illness. As you can see, various types of drugs can be prescribed, and many of them can be highly addictive and prone to abuse. 

What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

While no two people are alike, there are some signs to look out for when it comes to prescription drug abuse.

In particular, a person may begin to use more than they have been prescribed. They may also change the form in which they use the drug, such as crushing up pills into powder and snorting them or injecting them into their veins. They may also exhibit drug-seeking behavior such as trying to get more of that particular drug, lying to or manipulating doctors to get new prescriptions, or trying to switch to more potent medications.

Along with these behaviors, a person may also become distant from their family and friends and start to behave differently, such as keeping secrets, neglecting responsibilities, and becoming depressed or detached from their day-to-day life. A sure sign that someone is abusing drugs is when they continue to use the drug or exhibit behavior even after it is damaging their lives.

How to Find Prescription Drug Treatment Centers in South Florida

If you or someone you know is suffering from prescription drug addiction, then it’s time to get help. Principles Recovery Center can provide outpatient addiction treatment to South Florida, as well as specialized care for adolescents and teens.

No matter what type of addiction you’re suffering from, our kind and caring staff will be there with you through the entire process to provide you with personalized care that is directed at the root cause of your addiction and not just the drug you are addicted to. When you’re ready to get help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Principles Recovery Center right away.