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Today’s Problem with Drug Rehabilitation

Too many Substance Abuse Facilities these days are focused on a goal of providing the best amenities money can buy, but why? One simple hypothesis is if you happen to relapse you will have a higher likelihood of returning to that facility, and many facilities’ largest percentage of clients come from their alumni program. Drug and Alcohol Rehab has become a marketing approach, similar to hotels, lacking focus on the true goal of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Recovery is not about a pillow-top mattress and beach views. It’s about an individual facing life or death and the cruel reality that drugs ruin the lives of you and those around you.

Does every facility that offers amazing amenities throw out quality of care? Absolutely not. In fact, some of the best rehabs in the country offer top amenities. But the most important factor to rehabilitation needs to be the quality of care itself. At Principles Recovery Center, we refer to our method as an “old school approach” to recovery because our business is driven by the clinical department, NOT the finance department. Our clinical staff has been there and fought that battle with over 20 years of experience on average and thousands of saved lives. We focus on a small classroom setting approach to ensure maximum 1 on 1 time for clients with therapists.  Our Slogan is:

“Its not what we do, It’s who we are”

Each of us has been through addiction just like our clients have and we truly understand the most effective practices to heal and rehabilitate. It’s time for our industry to get back to those roots of focusing on the treatment plan rather than just the facility. Does a client need to be comfortable and safe? Of course, but does a client need to be given 5 star amenities right off of the streets? Maybe not. Maybe they need to understand the true reality of drug abuse, and understand that once their life hits a certain point, their surroundings become a jail cell, a homeless shelter, or maybe a casket.

Here’s an analogy. When you were growing up, imagine being sent to the playground when you got in trouble rather than detention. You would enjoy getting into trouble if your consequence was a luxury, right? This is a great way to look at the current trend of rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. This is why we focus on an “old school approach: quality of clinical care supersedes all.” We truly believe it can give you or your loved one the best possible chance to succeed with sobriety.

Principles Recovery Center in Davie, FL offers PHP and IOP drug rehab care to clients in South Florida and across the country. For more information on our center, please visit

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