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Some of the biggest problems that are facing the modern healthcare system include drug abuse and addiction. Drug addiction impacts countless families every year and has the potential to tear apart individuals and families, wrecking personal and professional lives. It is important for everyone to know how to help people who are struggling with addiction. One of the first parts of addiction treatment is an intervention. This is where family members and friends come together for the benefit of the individual who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. There are a few signs that everyone should look for that might indicate that it is time to intervene.

1. Someone has Developed a High Tolerance

When someone has developed an alcohol or drug addiction, they will gradually build up something called a tolerance with extended use. The more that person uses drugs or alcohol, the more of that substance he or she will need to obtain the same effects, such as a high. This growing drug or alcohol requirement is called tolerance. Family members and friends might notice more beer or liquor bottles lying around than usual. They might also notice more pills or syringes than previously present. These are all signs that the person is using more drugs or alcohol than before. These are also signs that an intervention is necessary.

2. There is Deceptive Behavior on a Regular Basis

If someone is starting to feel guilty about their drug or alcohol habit, then they know what they are doing is wrong. They will engage in deceptive behavior to try to cover up their habit. This might mean lies about why they cannot attend family functions. They might also lie to get out of obligations related to work. They might even lie about where the drugs or alcohol are coming from. The need for deceptive behavior is simply a sign that the problem is growing quickly. Therefore, it is time to intervene. Sometimes, trapping someone in their lies is not enough. They will simply double down on them or explode with anger or rage. A direct intervention is what is necessary.

3. They are under the Influence on a Regular Basis

Another sign that an intervention is needed is that the person is under the influence constantly. They might even start to do drugs or drink in the morning. They might also be under the influence while at work, inhibiting their performance and causing employment issues. They will even be under the influence of social settings. This type of behavior simply displays that the addiction is growing and is out of control. It is time for intervention before more people start to get hurt or the issue causes damage that cannot be undone.

4. Financial Problems are Starting to Present Themselves

When someone has an addiction, they will do anything to feed it. This means stealing money from family members and friends. This means missing mortgage payments or rent payments to feed the addiction. This means allowing the lights to be shut off or going deep into debt to feed alcohol or drug-related obligations. Financial problems are typically one of the last problems to develop before someone hits rock bottom. Therefore, if financial problems are starting to show up, it is time for an intervention. These financial issues can run deep and it is important to stop that person from digging the hole any deeper than it already is.

5. Medical Complications Have Occurred Due to the Addiction

The side effects of drug and alcohol addiction can be severe. Overdoses related to drugs and alcohol can kill someone. Therefore, it is not unusual for someone to put themselves in the hospital or even the ICU. If someone has developed medical problems related to an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is time to intervene. The next time someone puts themselves into medical problems, he or she might not recover. It is prudent to try to prevent this from happening. This is where an intervention for drug or alcohol addiction is necessary.

Trust the Professionals for Help with Addiction Treatment

These are a few of the many signs that it might be time for an intervention. After this, it is important to ask for help from trained professionals. Principles Recovery Center is a professional drug rehabilitation facility that is located in Davie, FL. This facility provides a treatment program with a family-focused approach that has already proven successful for countless individuals and families. Furthermore, Principles Recovery Center also provides a Spanish drug rehab program as well. Featuring tried and true treatment methods with a modern, innovative approach, Principles Recovery Center is poised to help numerous clients in the future as well. Visit their website to learn more about their services today.

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