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The statement that beating an opioid addiction is difficult is not an understatement.  It definitely is tough; however, it is NOT impossible.  With the support of loving family members and friends, it is totally feasible.  This article discusses how to help a person you know that has an addiction to opioids.

The Road to Addiction Treatment

It begins with coaxing the addicted person into admitting he or she has a problem.  This is the hardest part, yet it is the most important part.  Nobody can be cured of an addiction to opioids until they own up to it in the first place.  In order to do that properly, there must be an understanding of what they are and what they do.

Opioids Include Some Familiar Names

Many people may be more familiar with the names of some common opioids than they think.  They include drugs such as morphine, fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.  Some are originally prescribed by doctors as pain killers while others are obtained strictly off of the street.  Mind you, these are only SOME of them.  There are scores of them, all of which are bad news.

What Do These Drugs Do?

The common denominator is that they all relieve pain for the user.  Whether it is a physical pain or illness or an emotional one, perhaps caused by a romantic break-up, the user feels relief from the pain.  The equally common problem with all of them is that they are highly addictive.  If left untreated, the addiction will eventually kill the user.

How Does Someone Help Their Loved One?

Seek out a reputable, reliable and caring facility as the focal point of the addiction treatment.  Everyone has to understand when they go into this, it will be a long, hard road.  It is tougher than beating alcohol addiction.  This is a fact agreed upon by leading opioid addiction treatment experts.  There should be a lot of counseling involved, most likely for the family in addition to the user.  Persistence is also a key factor.  Once treatment is started, it is important NOT to give up at any stage.

Can an Opioid Addiction Be Treated Solely at Home?

In actuality, the answer is yes; however, there are a number of pitfalls.  The user is going to exhibit serious withdrawal symptoms.  This can incorporate physical illness, harmful mood swings, personality difficulties, and so many more bad occurrences.  Remember, the process can take years.  That is a long time for a family to cope with this.  Frequently, it does not work at all.  It is highly recommended to avoid this and seek the experience of a trained staff to overcome addiction.

What Constitutes an Excellent Drug Rehab Center?

One that believes each patient deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.  Each one will receive their own customized treatment program like Principles Recovery Center.  They have more than thirty years of experience, some of who have personally gone through drug addiction.  The counselors and staff members truly want to help.  The opioid user is definitely not alone here.

Is There Anything I Can Read That Will Help?

Reading this article all the way through, as well as similar pieces is a great start.  The websites of treatment centers, such as Principles Recovery Center, have plenty of helpful information on them.  This latter source of information is also available in Spanish.

Another excellent resource for everyone involved in helping the user is a recent study published in the “Journal of Addiction Medicine.”  The lead author of that study is a person named Lauren Hoffman.  Ms. Hoffman analyzed recovery services and methods of treatment of opioid abuse.  She is a notable authority on this subject.

Final Thoughts on This Topic

It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is for the family and friends of an opioid addict to support him or her.  They will not be successful on their own.  It is just as important to choose the correct addiction treatment facility.  Pick one where the staff completely understands and identifies with the user.  Make sure the whole family is included in the treatment efforts.  That is the only way to ensure a full recovery.  Do not wait, begin your search today.


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