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What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

For those who haven’t used illicit drugs, it is difficult for them to tell if their loved one has an addiction because they cannot recognize the signs of the addiction, nor do they know what substance it is their loved one is addicted to. Unlike prescription drugs, which are more accessible for the average person to identify, illicit drugs are much less known and are harder to figure out if someone is using them and has an addiction, especially if the person is a loved one because they will generally work harder to hide the addiction from a loved one versus a stranger. The first step to getting your loved ones the help they need is to be able to identify the signs of addiction. 

At Principles Recovery Center, we believe that knowledge is part of the solution to beating addiction. To help you get your loved ones the help they need, we are going to help identify some of the signs of addiction to specific drugs. In this post, we are going to examine the drug cocaine and discuss what cocaine is, the symptoms of cocaine abuse, the signs of cocaine use, addiction, and the signs of people on cocaine. Lastly, we will talk about how to get cocaine addiction treatment. 

What is Cocaine? 

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is derived from the coca plant. Throughout history, the plant was used by indigenous peoples, thanks to its stimulant properties. Later, a purified form of cocaine was used as an anesthetic for surgery and other procedures. Nowadays, the modern form of cocaine is entirely illegal due to its effects and the fact that it is considered highly addictive. 

As a stimulant, the drug was used to treat a variety of different conditions. In particular, it has excellent numbing qualities, hence the use as an anesthetic, but it could also be used to give energy and fight fatigue as well as other things. 

Is Cocaine Addictive? 

The answer to the question “is cocaine addictive?” is yes, for two main reasons. The first reason that cocaine is addictive is that, like many other drugs, it interacts with the body in a particular way and changes the body’s chemistry. Stimulants attach to the nerve receptors, and over time, the body becomes dependent on the drug to function normally, meaning a person has to have more and more to achieve the same effects. 

The second reason cocaine is addictive is that many people use it recreationally because they like how it makes them feel. Over some time, people continue to use the drug due to the feeling they will gradually become addicted. However, there is no specific amount of time it takes for a person to become addicted so that it can happen as simply as in one day. The effects of cocaine are also short-lived, meaning that a person has to continue to use it to maintain the high they feel. 

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction? 

There are two categories of symptoms that are signs that someone is addicted to cocaine, behavioral and physical signs. 

Behavioral signs of cocaine addiction include hyperactivity, including feeling upbeat and energetic, restlessness, irritability, and paranoia. These behaviors can also occur alongside other behavioral changes like distancing oneself from family and friends, neglecting personal hygiene, loss of interest in once fun activities, and mood swings. 

Physical signs of cocaine addiction include dilated pupils, sniffling or runny nose, fast-talking, high blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, appetite loss, and insomnia. These side effects can become deadly if combined with existing medical issues that are left untreated. 

How to Get Cocaine Addiction Treatment 

The first step to getting your loved one cocaine addiction treatment is getting them to admit they have a problem and need help. Once they agree to get help, Principles Recovery Center is here for you. 

We offer several different service and treatment options so that no matter the age of the client or what their addiction is, we can make sure they get sober and work with them to make sure they stay that way for the long term. We offer inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, programs for teens and adolescents, as well as specialized care for specific needs. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from a cocaine addiction, contact Principles Recovery Center today.

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