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How is Group Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

How is Group Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment

There are many forms of therapy for various disorders and illnesses, but one that often gets overlooked is group therapy. Most of the time, when we think of therapy, we think of individual counseling with a psychiatrist or specialist, but to truly be treated for our problems, it takes a whole range of different treatments, and that includes being part of a group of like-minded individuals in group therapy. 

If you’re not familiar with how group therapy works or how it is used to treat addiction, that’s ok. We here at Principles Recovery Center are here to help. We believe that the best way to do that is with information. In this post, we will discuss group support therapy, what it is, how group meetings and group therapy can benefit people and whether or not it is for everyone, and how group therapy is used in addiction treatment.

What is Group Therapy? 

Group therapy is a form of counseling where a group of people comes together to discuss common issues under the guidance of a licensed therapist. The group setting allows for participants to share their experiences, give and receive feedback and support, learn new coping skills, and develop healthy relationships. 

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

There are many benefits to participating in group therapy, including helping to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness by providing a sense of community, developing social skills, improving communication and problem-solving skills, gaining insight into oneself and others, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and more. 

Group therapy also gives people a safe place to interact socially under the guidance of a therapist, and this can be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty with social interactions. 

Other benefits include Increased self-awareness, being able to recognize flaws and personal strengths, and providing motivation to change. Improved communication skills are another benefit. It can often be difficult to open up about what a person has experienced while suffering from addiction, so the group setting can provide a more comfortable space to do so. 

It can also help to enhance problem-solving skills by working together to resolve conflicts and issues that may arise in the group. Lastly, it can help to illuminate underlying issues that may have led to the addiction in the first place, which cannot be discovered in a traditional one-on-one setting. Being in a group of like-minded individuals makes it easier to open up but also makes us more vulnerable and exposes our flaws, which in the presence of a therapist can be very beneficial.

Is Group Therapy Needed for Everyone?

No, support groups are not needed for everyone. It depends on the individual’s needs and what they are hoping to gain from participating in group therapy. Some people may find that they get all the support they need from their friends and family, while others may benefit more from being part of a group. It is important to speak with a therapist to see if group therapy would be beneficial for you. 

How are Support Groups Used in Addiction Treatment?

Group therapy is one of the most commonly used treatments for addiction and alcohol abuse. It provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to share their experiences, learn new coping skills, and develop healthy relationships. Group therapy allows individuals to connect with others who are going through similar struggles and provide support during recovery. 

Group therapy is often used in treatment centers as part of the rehab process because it provides a sense of community and support that is essential for recovery. Group therapy can also be used after rehab to help maintain sobriety. In fact, many 12 step programs function as a type of group therapy. 

At Principles Recovery Center, we believe that the best way to treat addiction is with a well-rounded approach that treats the substance use disorder through programs like detox and treats the underlying cause of the addiction through programs like individual and group therapy. 

We even provide aftercare support so that clients can continue to get the extra support they need to transition to a normal life free of addiction. 
If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and could benefit from group therapy, give Principles Recovery Center a call today!

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