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Many people recovering from addiction wonder which type of treatment program is best for them. There is a wide range of treatment options designed to meet a client’s needs at various stages of their treatment and on their own terms in their personal lives. PHPs are flexible but can be difficult to unpack at first. Let’s take a look all everything PHPs have to offer.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program and is a middle-level program in between Outpatient Care and Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient programs. PHPs do not require clients to be admitted to treatment facilities on a full-time basis. PHPs allow the client to live in their home or in a home-like setting at the clinic and visit the substance abuse treatment facility during the day. Programs vary, but clients can expect to visit their treatment center between 2 and 5 times per week. Some programs also have onsite housing allowing the client to stay with their addiction recovery community full-time, while only being in treatment on a part-time basis.

What are the Benefits of PHPs?

  1. PHPs Can be More Affordable than Inpatient Programs

    Because PHPs enroll clients on a part-time basis, they can be much more affordable than full-time, inpatient programs. This is both because they are less intensive and because many of them offer a variety of payment options for their clients. PHPs are typically scheduled on a longer timeline than Inpatient programs. Inpatient programs usually schedule by the month, where PHPs are much longer. This is something insurance providers are much more likely to cover which also works to bring down the overall cost for clients.

  2. PHPs Offer Flexible Schedules

    Outside commitments can make entering into an inpatient program incredibly difficult if not impossible. PHPs allow clients to continue to meet their responsibilities while still making a commitment to addiction recovery. With PHP programs, clients can still maintain jobs, friendships, and family life while being in a comprehensive treatment program. Appointments at the treatment center can be scheduled around a client’s needs and can be diversified based on schedules outside of the treatment center like jobs and family.

  3. Get More Out of Your Health Insurance

    While health insurance is much more likely to cover addiction recovery and treatment these days, you’ll still be wanting to get the most out of your insurance dollar. PHPs are not only more affordable as outlined above, but insurance companies typically favor these types of treatment and they are much more widely covered than inpatient programs.

  4. Manage the Transition from Inpatient to Outpatient

    PHPs offer a bridge between the intensive, around the clock monitoring of inpatient programs and the self-reliance of outpatient. Rather than taking the leap from inpatient to outpatient, bridging the gap with PHPs allows clients to gradually ease into the next phase of their treatment. PHPs offer both medical treatment and other needed services like job skills, social skills, and therapy to help you reconnect. This middle program helps get you back on track rather than being thrown back into your life.

PHPs offer a medium approach to addiction treatment. They are more intensive than outpatient but less intensive than inpatient. They are the best way to acclimatize yourself back to normal life after an inpatient program has been successfully completed. They are also very affordable. By being less hands-on than inpatient programs and by being favored by insurance providers, PHPs are a great way to keep costs down during the middle stages of your recovery process. PHPs offer clients a way to stay on the path to recovery while reentering their day-to-day lives.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact us today. Principles Recovery Center is here to help.

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