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Finding a Higher Power: What Does It Mean?

find a higher power

Recovery programs like Alcoholic anonymous use finding a higher power as the most common apprehension form. This is despite a lot of people reporting a flawed understanding of what this means. Most addicts believe this concept is a “God thing”, and instills a reluctance towards finding recovery. It is an unintentional ignorance muddled in confusion of religious concepts many addicts are led to believe while young. This fuels addiction by leaving a leaving a void occasioned by the lack of connectivity to a higher power.

Self-will governs the path most addicts tread, but this is an illusion. Some things are beyond your control, and these things require a higher power. It is easier to hand over things to a higher power when you are closely connected. Twelve-step programs are not religiously-based, but spiritually-based requiring a belief in a higher power. They may not seem different, but they are.

Difference Between Religion & Spirituality

Spirituality is an avenue of following your own heart as opposed to specific ideologies. You get to listen to your intuition concerning the best way to treat those around you as well as how to treat yourself. You get no punishment or reward for your actions just inner happiness in its glorious simplicity.

Fear surrounds a lot of religions in the world. Fear of the unknown consequences of your actions to be specific. Love is what defines spirituality. Spirituality is about focusing energy to perform acts of love instead of fear. You will be empowered by decisions made from love with bravery and enrichment of the soul.

Religion takes you on a journey of facts with everything seeming black and white from the creation of the universe to the reason behind human existence. You can discover the answers to these questions and more through spirituality. Spirituality empowers you to go on a personal journey of discovery while setting no limits to how far you can go. Your truth can be the same as another person’s but the personal journey spirituality will make you braver to face what the world throws at you including addiction.

How to Find Your Higher Power

Start Small

Believing in God or converting to a formal religion is not at the top of any atheist’s or agnostic’s bucket list when it comes to sobriety. A higher power only means God as you understand Him. Understand the reason you believe the things you do and what keeps you from believing in a higher power than yourself. You can seek a therapist for help in acknowledging a higher power. It can be uncomfortable to explore what you believe and let go of what you cannot control. However, to achieve sobriety and mental health in the long-term, it will be necessary.

Be Open Minded

Listen to other people’s opinion on what having a higher power means. Agreeing with everyone is not a must as you have a right to disagree but have an open mind. The information you receive may be of help in finding people with common interests as you and help you understand the concept of a higher power better.

Admit You Are Not God

The first step in most twelve-step programs is admitting you are an addict and how powerless over your addiction you are. Accepting the lack of power makes it easier to believe in a higher power. A higher power that has power over the things you cannot control like your addiction. Admitting being powerless facilitates recovery and healing, but requires a great of courage.

Pray and Meditate

After admitting powerlessness and believing in a higher power, it is now time to talk. You may not be seeing who you are talking to, but the important part of prayer and meditation is the engagement it gives you a higher power. It involves much more than talking. It takes listening, being still and making your mind silent. Find a posture that enables you to achieve peace with no distractions from cell phones, music, or TV. Sitting still, praying, and practicing being in the moment can make you discover yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Don’t Do It Alone

Alcohol and drugs may have replaced the spirituality in your life, but you can take it back and place a higher power on the driver’s seat. Let a higher power take care of all the situations that you cannot control instead of letting problems burden you. Your recovery is in your hands. Take a visit to the Principles Recovery Center where our professional team can ease your addiction struggles and help you achieve a connection with a higher power.

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