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How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab for Me

Drug addiction is the condition of being unable to stop taking harmful drugs. This problem is widespread in the United States. Back in 2014, it was approximated that 20 million individuals aged 12 years and above suffered from some form of substance abuse. In that group, about 14.4 million people abused alcohol, 4.5 million were just addicted to drugs and 2.6 million misused both alcohol and drugs.

It is indeed overwhelming to know that a person close to you is suffering from substance abuse. Many people feel guilty as they could not prevent the drug misuse, or did not discover it earlier. Something has to be done about the addiction, but what treatment options are available? When choosing a rehab center, it is important to do some research like looking through online directories, reading reviews, licensing and accrediting sites that encourage authority in treatment.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Different drug rehab centers provide different treatment options. Some may offer spiritual concentration on building mind and body connections, while others might offer therapy based on medication. Also, others view the connection between persons and the natural environment as a valid treatment method. Knowing the treatment focus of different rehabilitation facilities will assist you in determining which one suits your loved one best.


During detoxification, the client is gradually weaned off the addictive substance, in which case the user may experience some withdrawal symptoms. For particular kinds of addictive substances, the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, therefore conducting detox in a controlled environment in a medical institution offers the safest and most comfortable setting for recovery.

Inpatient Program

The inpatient rehab problem has several steps. Detoxification is the first phase where the patient is weaned off the abused substances. Thereafter, there’s treatment of the psychological addiction to substances such as drugs or alcohol, or behaviors like gambling or sex. This is done through individual counseling, group therapy, complementary activities as well as life skills lessons.

Partial day

Addiction treatment varies in length depending on the individual needs of a person. Partial day programs are where an individual is admitted into an outpatient program that only occurs for several hours in a day.

Outpatient Program

In an outpatient situation, a client meets the intake counselor who then evaluates the client’s situation before he/she starts the program. The kind and extent of addiction, it’s length, and the person’s health and life activities are all factors when putting the client in the most suitable program.

Things to Consider

There are some main factors that should be considered when choosing a Rehab center for someone you love such as:

1. Location

The National Institute on Drug abuse reported that there are over 14,500 rehabilitation centers in the USA. Location affects the choice of the facility. The most important thing is to get the person affected out of his/her daily environment, like maybe a rehab center in the quiet Texas desert, ranches in Michigan or beaches of Florida etc. Solitude and peace are very crucial while concentrating on recovery. Addicted people should be in an environment where they can let go and just relax. Without a doubt, being a drug or alcohol addict is very stressful. There’s need for time alone, to just take a walk and process life. It is vital to remove the addict from persons and situations that may lead to a relapse, which is why traveling for rehab is typically suggested.

2. Length of stay

Researchers have shown that enough treatment duration is a major predictor of the success of rehabilitation. However, treatment length is a variable; a physician specializing in the treatment of addiction can evaluate a patient and then suggest a suitable treatment duration for great effectiveness. For example, people whose addiction to cocaine has gone on for too long that their needs for detoxification require them to remain longer than the normal length of stay. For them, it is usually a lengthy detox process. They require a highly regulated environment and remain there for long. You should consider a rehab center that provides variable treatment duration based on every patient’s needs instead of a single treatment length for all people.

3. Quality of the staff

While you are choosing between different treatment choices, the trustworthiness that the staff creates with your loved one is very important. Establishing trust begins from the start, even with the intake case manager who you talk to first. There should be plenty of empathy. Persons suffering from addiction tend to have trust problems. Every case manager must listen well to your story and provide personalized support. Substance abuse disorders are different, and seeing that the staff is keen to take care of your loved one is vital. A good relationship between the patient and the physician helps to create healthy connections.

4. Reviews and testimonials from former clients

You should definitely do some research before you settle on a facility. Go to the treatment facility’s website and social media activity, look at reviews, and see what other clients are saying about their experience at that particular facility.

Get Help at Principles Recovery Center in South Florida

Principles Recovery Center is a rehab center that provides quality therapeutic services to help addicted people to recover from their substance abuse. Their staff is qualified and the institution is accredited to provide addiction treatment services. Contact them today to know more.

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