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6 Celebrities Who’ve Suffered From Addiction & Inspire Us in Recovery

The drug problem in America knows no race or social class. Devouring across all the classes in America, last year alone 72,000 people died out of drug-related cases. Over 200 people a day die from a drug-related overdose death. Not only do 1 in 3 people know someone affected by addiction, but most of our celebrities and idols have also fell victim to this epidemic. But over the years, they have shown that this problem can be overcome and lead a drug-free life.

Here are six celebrities that have struggled with addiction and found a way out in recovery. These artists all continue to inspire us through their music, movies, shows, and art.


Eminem is a rap god, a living legend of our time. However, in 2002, he struggled with a drug problem, just like many in this industry. He was addicted to painkillers, Vicodin and the Valium. As such, these drugs used to leave a hole in his stomach and to alleviate the stomachache, he would eat a lot. He gained weight up to 230 pounds at the height of his addiction. He was quoted as saying the pills “wiped 5 years off his life”. Through the years of his addiction, his genius star dimmed. Eminem checked into rehab when things got out of control and in 2007 he became drug-free.  He exercised away from the weight as part of the recovery program. With a new focus, Eminem has continued to release iconic music and albums.


At the age of 13, Macklemore would skip school to do weed and alcohol. His ultimate slide into alcoholism and weed didn’t quite serve his early music career. Although he briefly quit for the sake of his passion for music in his late teenage years, by the age of 25 it all got worse. His father had to check him to a rehab when all seemed lost. His family and relationship with the girlfriend had deteriorated to worrisome levels. From Grammy Award to MTV accolades, life after the rehab and drug addiction have been exactly what a young Macklemore had in mind when he developed his passion for music. From “Otherside” to “Starting Over”, Macklemore has not been shy in sharing his struggles with addiction through his music. His song “Drug Dealer” took aim to educate others about the dangers of prescription painkillers and the doctors that prescribe them. Recently, Macklemore headlined the first Recovery Fest, a music festival for those recovering from substance abuse, showing the world recovery is possible.

Demi Lovato

From self-harming to eating disorder along with a drug addiction problem, Demi Lovato has had a quite rollercoaster in life. Her drug problem began in her teenage years that lead to her ultimate rehabilitation at the age of 18. Her addiction got so serious even after the rehab that during the filming of her documentary, she would sneak into the restrooms in between sets to do cocaine and fake tests using people’s urine. From punching her snitching dancer to collapsing after an overdose, drugs have truly done a number on one of America’s most loved sensation. When she went sober, exercise helped her stay focused. After 6 years of sobriety this past June, Demi released her latest single “Sober” in which she admitted that she relapsed. After that, in early August of 2018, Demi was found unresponsive from an overdose in her home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Since the incident, Demi sought help at a drug treatment facility that also specializes in mental health. Demi told her fans via an Instagram post, “I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.”

Kristen Johnson

“I’m a pill-popping lush” Emmy-winning Kristen said of her drug problem. From high school, she became an alcoholic before indulging in the overdose of the prescription drug, Vicodin. Stomach holes and aches did not stop this journey of self-destruction. Well, until 2006 when she was in London, staring at death. Her tummy leaked, her diaphragm couldn’t move. She wanted death, she was ready for it. However, after the surgery, Kristen checked into a rehab in Arizona and opened up about the monster that was drug addiction. She became clean and has continuously worked to avoid a relapse to this day.

Robert Downey Jr.

Known by millions as Iron Man and leading one of the most lucrative franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey is an icon. To see him rise from the shackles of substance abuse to this is beyond inspiring. Robert began taking marijuana at the age of 6 after his father introduced him to it. Through his teenage and early youth, he struggled with the vice. He lost everything and every meaningful relationship. Poverty knocked. He checked into Rehab in California finally and his new chapter started after. He has gone ahead to achieve a lot at the Marvel Universe and the cinema world.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Her parents were drunkards; she lost her brother to heroin. For Jamie, it was more of a family problem. She became addicted to opioids and painkillers through the years that she describes as the most “humiliating, shameful secrets” she has ever had. It was horrible for her. However, she is now 18 years sober and says that it will go down as “the biggest achievement of her life if she can stay sober”. This past weekend, Jamie Lee saw her latest take on Lori Stroud in the anthology series “Halloween” take her career to new heights with the latest installment breaking box office records.

Get the Picture? Recovery is Possible. Call Us Today.

Drug abuse continues to menace America and it is robbing the country of our loved ones. We have lost talents and visionaries to drugs. However, just like the likes of Kristen and Eminem, this is a personal battle that can be won a day at a time with the help of professionals and close people alike.

Principles Recovery Center is here for you. We believe that your treatment experience should be based on what you personally need in order to recover from this hopeless state of mind and body. Find out more about our program or if you are ready to get help call us at 1-866-692-0909.

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