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What are the Causes of Addiction?

Seeing someone struggling with addiction isn’t easy. They are often suffering in both a mental and physical capacity. They may get to the point where they lose their friends, job, health, and mental well-being. 

You may ask yourself why a person wants to get to this point. What would make a person want to do a drug so severely that they are willing to throw it all away to feed their addiction? This article will answer those questions and provide information on what to do if you or a loved one needs help. Read on to find out the common causes of addiction.

What is the Definition of Addiction?

Addiction is a medical disease that is caused by chemistry in the body, brain circuits, or genetics. It is characterized by a behavior a person engages in repeatedly to the point where it is difficult for them to stop. 

While we often think of addiction as addiction to drugs and alcohol, a person can be addicted to just about anything. A food, an object, a person, an activity… you name it.

What are the Causes of Addiction?

There are a variety of addiction causes that may be at the root of dependency issues. These include: 

  • Genetics: People with close relatives that suffer from addiction are more likely to deal with dependency issues. 
  • Mental Illness: Mental illness is a common cause of addiction. Many people with mental illnesses are reluctant to reach out for help because of stigmas and other factors. Instead of getting the care they need, they self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. 
  • Recreational Use: Some people start doing drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes, and they become unable to keep their habit under control. 
  • Prescription Meds: Certain individuals may be prescribed prescription meds to treat a specific condition. If they take more than the recommended dosage, they may experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop. This puts them in a vicious cycle of addiction.

How to Treat Addiction Issues

Addiction can significantly reduce the quality of life. Fortunately, there are ways to treat it. 

While some people go cold turkey, you will achieve a higher level of success at a professional rehab center. A rehab center will help you get through it and provide you with the help you need to maintain sobriety. Here are the steps most rehabs will take to help you overcome addiction.

Detox: Detox is likely to be the first step in getting clean. It’s also probably the hardest. 

During detox, your body produces withdrawal symptoms as it struggles to get used to being without the drug in its system. The symptoms are extremely unpleasant and cause many people to want to go back to using. Detox center professionals will keep the patient as comfortable as possible and ensure relapse doesn’t occur. 

Therapy: Therapy is the next step in the rehab process. Most therapists will take a customized dual diagnosis approach. They will develop a strategy that best suits the patient’s needs and targets the underlying cause of addiction. This is a recommended method for long-term results. 

Aftercare: Patients will face struggles once they get out of rehab. They will be dealing with the same stressors that led them to use. They may also fall back in with the crowd they used to use with. 

A rehab will provide you with the support you need to maintain sobriety.

How to Find Outpatient Treatment in South Florida

Many people are reluctant to get help for their dependency issues because they don’t want to deal with being away from work and family for long periods of time. Fortunately, outpatient care is available. Outpatient treatment allows people to split their time between recovery and other responsibilities. 

If you are looking for outpatient treatment in South Florida, Principles Recovery Center is highly recommended. 

Principles is a family-owned rehab center in the South Florida area. We are known for treating our patients like family. We treat a wide variety of addictions and work with most insurance companies. Addiction is hard to deal with, but South Florida addiction treatment is available. Principles Recovery will provide you with the tools you need to get past your dependency issues. Contact us to find out how you can get on a path to increased health and happiness today.

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