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I love writing. While I was using I stopped doing everything I loved doing. Once I got sober I became passionate about things I once was passionate about years ago. I noticed my writing became deeper and had a lot more meaning than it used to. It’s amazing the talent drug addicts and alcoholics like myself have that goes unnoticed throughout our use. This is the first piece I wrote after getting sober. It’s a reflection of my own personal adventures and it reminds me every day of where I was and if I don’t stick to this way of life, where I could be. I hope you enjoy it. 

‘Better Way’– By: Matt C

As a child so innocent so beautiful so young,

But within a few years a lot of shit had begun.

“Just try it,” they said, “it’ll open your eyes.”

Ever since that first hit I’ve been dressed in disguise.

It started with weed beer vodka whiskey and gin,

I never thought for a second that all this shit would begin.

“Now try this powder and shove it right up your nose,

You’ll feel like superman.” Fuck, there my life goes.

By the age of thirteen coke became a daily routine,

I stuck that needle in my arm it was the scariest shit that I’ve seen.

Momma loved me but she knew some shit wasn’t right,

But god forbid she brought it up it would just start a fight.

“You got a problem.” They said, I said I don’t believe it,

“Go to rehab.” They said, I said I dont need it.

“You’re doing uppers, man what the fuck is wrong with you,

Try a roxie or as others call it a blue.”

Damn that shit was good it made me feel just right,

But soon without it I was sweatin feeling colder than ice.

“Man you’re stupid thirty dollars on one dumb little pill,

Give me five for a bag and you’ll have that same thrill.”

That shit was better than the pill I shot it straight in my arm,

Once again never thinking it would cause any harm. 

But now im robbing cheating stealing doing whatever it takes,

To get high every day and everyday raising stakes.

I wake up to get high just to feel normal,

I stab myself in the arm until I dull out the needle.

But that shits over now because I’m dead and I’m gone,

I overdosed before I even pulled the rig out my arm.

I should have listened to someone and tried to get sober,

Now im looking down at you because my life is over.

Please don’t end up like me please don’t choose this path,

The answers simple, fuck, just do the math.

There’s a better way of life that I wish I could see,

Its twelve steps, life or death, please don’t end up like me.

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