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At Principles Recovery center we believe in not only providing a superior program that helps give our clients all the tools to fight addiction, but we also believe in providing a wide array of activities in addition to our clinical program. Principles offer a gym, meditation, yoga classes, fishing trips, and access to numerous events across the area. Principles clients have access to a 50,000 square foot gym throughout the week with access to weight/cardio equipment, sauna, racquetball/basketball courts, and optional personal trainer sessions for both PHP and IOP clients.

Principles Recovery offers Mediation classes as part of our treatment program throughout the week. Meditation is often thought of as primarily an Eastern practice based in spirituality, when actually, it’s practiced across the globe and focuses more on relaxing the mind, focusing, and helping eliminate distractions. One of the important aspects of addiction treatment is to discover the emotional triggers and stressors that may have led to the abuse of substances in the first place. Meditation can help with this process by helping you to turn inward and explore your inner thoughts and feelings. Becoming more self-aware is one of the goals and benefits of addiction treatment and meditation alike.

Our clients are also offered on-site yoga classes throughout the week at Principles Recovery Center. The goal is to give those suffering from addiction the skills they need to learn in order to tolerate the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that can lead to relapses. We believe that Yoga is an alternative, a positive way to generate a change in consciousness that, instead of providing an escape, empowers people with the ability to access a peaceful, restorative inner state that integrates mind, body, and spirit.

We believe in not just providing exceptional care, but the ability to provide an environment our clients can also enjoy. We frequently have chartered fishing trips, local sports events, team building activities, and much more to show there’s so much more to life than addiction! Once treatment nears completion we have after recovery assistance to help our clients in their next ventures in life. We offer resume building workshops, mock interview development workshops, as well as assistance in finding housing and career employment opportunities within their specific area of focus. We believe it’s important to provide our clients not just the tools for recovery, but the tools to help our alumni excel after leaving our facilities.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction do not hesitate to contact Principles Recovery Center at 1-855-744-1056 or 954-   368-1344 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also visit our website at

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