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Why Should I Travel to Florida for Rehab?

There comes a time when your substance abuse may prompt you to seek out treatment for your addiction. This is true whether your substance of choice is alcohol, heroin, or painkillers – or any of a number of other substances. Once you have made the decision to enter drug rehab, the next thing you must decide is where to look for treatment.

Not All Treatment Programs are the Same

Every drug rehab center is different. One may concentrate on helping patients recover from alcoholism, another may focus on prescription painkillers and a third may deal with a variety of addictions. Some offer both physical and emotional treatment and still others also include personal and group counseling. Size also varies, with some centers only catering to a few inpatients at a time and others being larger. If you live in a large city, you may have several rehab centers to choose from near you. If you come from a smaller town or rural area, you may have to look elsewhere.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rehab

Some other things that you will need to consider are whether or not your preferred type of insurance will cover the cost of the center, how private your stay will be, and whether or not family and friends will be able to visit. You also need to consider whether or not the answers you receive are the ones that will best help you be a success at the program. For example, being close to friends and family works for some people and can be a distraction for others. You also need to consider what will happen once you leave the inpatient treatment and need to do a followup. Being at a place that is close to your current environment may seem a bit more comforting and can be good if you have the type of family and friends that will be a positive support. Many people in rehab, however, don’t always have that positive influence and going back to the same environment can be difficult. For some, rehab treatment nearby is ideal but for many, looking at a distant center offers many more benefits.

The Benefits of an Out-of-State Rehab

Traveling to a completely different environment for treatment is almost like you are sending an unconscious message to yourself that you are heading down a different path, one to recovery. This isn’t the only benefit, however.

1. Environment – Rehab centers are located in the heart of large cities, by the ocean, in the woods and in the mountains. Each of us has a perfect environment that makes us feel relaxed and positive. For example, the warm climate of South Florida offers plenty of sunshine, itself a great healing thing, and availability to the soothing ocean waves and salty sea air. By traveling, you can pick the best external environment that will aid you in being able to relax during this trying period.

2. No Distractions – While family and friends may mean well in most cases, sometimes they bring their outside drama into your healing process and this creates unrest for you. In other cases, family and the friends you are used to being around may not be as supportive as they could. You end up being faced with opposition and temptation. Almost everyone considers walking ut of the voluntary program at one point during treatment but being away from everyone and everything you find familiar helps you reconsider until that feeling has passed, and it will pass.

3. Total Privacy – In certain careers, a stay in rehab may be detrimental. You may not want coworkers to know that you are dealing with an addiction. Being able to leave your area completely allows you to decide who to tell, when you want to tell them. Or it allows you to tell nobody if that is your wish. The privacy you receive can’t be totally found if you are in your normal living environment.

4. Perfect Fit – By allowing travel to be an option, you open up the number of choices you have available to choose from. It is possible to find a program that fits you and your needs perfectly. This alone helps increase your chance of success. When it comes to getting free of a substance abuse problem, you owe it to yourself to it with your particular needs in mind. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and if it means getting away, then that is what is best for you.

Let Principles Recovery Center Help You Find Recovery in Florida

Principles Recovery Center is located in Southern Florida. Our well-trained staff wants to help you start your incredible road to recovery. Contact us now to see how we can help you. Your recovery is our greatest goal.

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