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Why a Dual-Diagnosis Program Can Help You Recover

When some take on a substance abuse disorder, there is more to treat than just the physical symptoms. In recent years, those who are experts in the field of addiction recovery have discovered that mental health therapy is just as important as the physical therapies offered during treatment. In this type of treatment, the mental and physical are no longer treated as separate with one taking a priority over the other, but as equal parts needing recovery in order to maintain success and sobriety. Substance abuse treatment includes treating both the physical and the mental health of the patient through co-occurring treatment. Having yourself or a loved one enter a treatment program, there are significant benefits to a dual-diagnosis program that will prompt recovery on a permanent level.

Underlying Sources & Mental Conditions

Many of those who find themselves fighting with substance abuse come to that point as a way to self-medicate for an underlying cause or condition. Co-occurring treatment options allow the physicians and counselors working with the patients in rehab services to determine the underlying cause for the addiction, and if there are any underlying disorders that can affect sobriety outside of the rehab facility. This treatment allows counselors to focus in on what may have initially encouraged the use of the substance and promoted its continued use until it reached a physical addiction. Long-term substance abuse could also have encouraged a mental health disorder that needs treating. This is also considered by the counselors and psychiatrists working with patients suffering from an untreated mental health diagnosis.

For those who have been misdiagnosed in the past or not diagnosed at all, they have the ability to receive access to the appropriate diagnosis and the right medication. Having these underlying conditions properly treated will allow them to continue to be sober and productive post-treatment. Research on mental health has discovered that its treatment is just as essential as physical health. When patients complete treatment, they should be as strong or stronger mentally than physically.

Treating Body, Mind, & Spirit Equally

A dual-diagnosis program that includes co-occurring treatments give patients the ability to not only treat their body, but also their mind, and their spirit. While detoxing the body has always been important and still is, it is not the only essential step of a treatment program any longer. Strengthening patients mentally give them the ability to move forward with physical treatment. Their mental health is as important as their physical health. If these patients are healthy in their body and their mind, their spiritual health will develop on a more positive level, and continue their success in treatment. Include treatments such as yoga, massage therapies, or meditation allow these patients to seek a spiritual balance in their life that centers their health and gives them a foundation for continuing to move forward with a sober lifestyle.

New Option For Relapsed Patients

Some patients who enter a dual-diagnosis program have completed and relapsed from other substance abuse treatment facilities. These treatment programs were more likely focuses on physical treatment more than the mental health portion. Because of this, these patients were released from a treatment program when their mental health was not stable, and they eventually relapsed.

The co-occurring treatment option gives these patients another option. Appropriate attention to the mental health of these patients is considered. With this diagnosis, they are provided the appropriate medication that allows their mental health to stabilize and healthily function. The focus on both the mental as well as the physical treats these patients with a different focus than they have experienced in the past, giving life and hope to someone who may not have had it previously. This attention to their health and medication opens the doors for recovery for these patients and allows them to properly complete substance abuse treatment and take enter sobriety with a new outlook.

Principles Recovery Center Understand The Importance OF A Dual-Diagnosis Program

A facility located in South Florida, Principles Recovery Center understands that treated patients suffering from substance abuse require treatment in both physical and mental health. With over 30 years of experience in substance abuse recovery, we provide treatments that serve to help recovery on a more permanent basis, as our story began with an addicted mother seeking recovery. Recovery is instilled in our foundation from its very beginnings and it is what we strive for today with our patients and their families.

Our facility understands that in order to provide the necessary resources for our patients after treatment then we should treat the mind, body, and soul. We must first treat them with the right diagnosis, medications, and proper treatments that establish solid physical and mental health. If you are looking for a facility that will treat you or your loved one thoroughly, contact us for more information on our treatment programs and set up a consultation today.

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