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Steps to Success: Preparing Clients for After Treatment

We’ve seen the story time and time again about individuals graduating from treatment programs and falling right back into them months, weeks, or evens days later. At Principles Recovery Center we are challenging our clients by providing them the tools in life that can increase the likelihood of sobriety after rehab. Our core focus is providing the most effective treatment to each client, but after continued progress towards completion of our program we begin we ask: “Whats the next step?”.

Once our clinical team has identified a client is ready to begin work, our clients participate in resume building workshops where we teach the most effective ways to create a resume. Here we teach key practices of taking the time to fine-tune each resume for each job you’re applying for as well as the most effective ways to apply and distribute them. 

Upon completion of the resume building course, we provide mock interviews for those who are either new to interviewing, or for those who just need to shake off the rust. Per the job they are applying for, our clients will go through a typical interview covering the key questions one can expect in the interview process. Once interviews have begun, we will work with local partnerships in the area to assist in job placement. Regardless of one’s background or area of expertise, we are very successful helping our clients find the job that fits their needs. 

For those looking to re-build their credit we provide 1 on 1 workshops for each client. The workshops focus on an analysis of their current score, any key factors that impact it, and then we establish a 30, 60, 90 day program focused on improving their credit. Even though this supersedes our typical treatment cycle, we gladly provide continued support to our alumni to ensure long term credit and career success. 

At Principles Recovery Center in Davie, FL we believe not only in effective treatment, but also believe in providing our clients every tool they need to give them the highest possible chance of success after treatment. Our program, although fairly new, has been very effective in providing relapse prevention by ensuring our clients are jump-started to their new lives. For more information on Principles Recovery Center please visit our website at or call us anytime at 1-855-744-1056. 

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