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When it comes to meeting serious addiction recovery needs, there’s no metropolitan area quite like South Florida. In fact, some call it the world’s drug rehab capital. And that alone just speak for itself; indeed, there’s much to be had in the way of AA, NA, addiction treatment centers, and similar services. In this article, we’re going to explore a bit on the history of U.S. rehab centers as well as South Florida’s role in this big recovering world presently.

History of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the United States

Addiction treatment, in any of its many forms, does in fact carry a rich and interesting evolution of its own. We can find roots of addiction treatment dating back to even the 1700s. It was a time when numerous Native American tribes made every effort to offer healing from alcoholism. Furthermore, in 1784 it was Mr. Ben Rush who finally agreed that alcoholism itself was, as a matter of fact, a true disease and a serious ailment. To that end, and not too shortly after, he began his own temperance movement.

Later enters Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob with their Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s, the first “cure” that many believed they found. For many, it was a cure and has kept them clean and sober for decades. This led to the formation of many other support groups that follow the “12-step” format and help people overcome addictions to other substances and behaviors.

Fast forward to present day. When it has to do with drug abuse and rehab specifically, it was found that more than 24 million Americans of various ages were addicted in 2013. Can you imagine how that number must be now, nearing the very end stages of 2018, with the opioid epidemic and the fentanyl phenomenon taking more and more lives? That number has surely risen, no doubt. How could it not have?

What Makes South Florida a Great Place to Recover From Addiction?

South Florida is a gold mine of beaches, shopping, attractions, and job opportunities. It’s a major global destination and travel area known to house millions of tourists and passersby every single year. In fact, many people seeking to escape the cruel, harsh climates of the coldest winter find themselves landing in Florida.

Now, for a host of reasons, it’s famous for being ‘the recovery capital of the US. What all this can imply is that since this area of the country is incredibly warm, relaxing, and refreshing in nearly every single way. Additionally, while the climate is ideal, you get the amenities of living in the city without the hustle and bustle of big-city life.

We see addiction rates rising across the country and they aren’t going down anytime soon. Here at Principles Recovery Center in Ft. Lauderdale, we realize the need for quality, individualized treatment and we use practical solutions to attempt to overturn this disturbing trend. South Florida offers some of the most advanced drug rehab and addiction treatment locations in the country due to being a top destination where doctors see many substance-abuse patients on a regular basis.

Is South Florida the Best Place For Me to Get Sober?

We’ll be honest: South Florida is perfect for getting sober for a number of solid reasons. The first of these being that this tropical location possesses such a strong variety of programs for both outpatient and inpatient care. Thanks to the continually pleasant weather available all year long (not mixed with any snow, sub-freezing cold temperatures or winds, or extremely heavy rains like the ones you may see in some other places!), there are more recreational and leisure activities for patients to partake in during their downtime year-round.

Our region is also home to some of the best and most professional addiction treatment counselors and therapists that Florida, or the country, has to offer. If you’re ready to dive in head-first or simply want more information, give us a call now at 1-866-692-0909.

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