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Are There Outpatient Treatment Programs for Opioid Addiction?

Are There Outpatient Programs for Opioid Addiction?

The opioid epidemic continues to rage on. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 2 million Americans abuse opioids, and an average of over 90 die of an opioid overdose every day. The question is, are there outpatient treatment programs for opioid addiction?

Many people allow their dependency issues to get out of hand because they choose not to treat it. While there are various reasons why they don’t reach out for help, they often think rehab will be too timely and expensive. They think they will need to check into a 24/7 recovery that will take them away from their work and families for at least a month. 

But the truth is, South Florida outpatient treatment programs for opioid addiction are available. They don’t require as much time and aren’t as expensive as inpatient programs. Read on to find out what’s involved.

Which Drugs are Opioids?

Opioids are drugs that are extracted from the poppy plant. They are often prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of mild to moderate pain. They include the following:

  • Prescription opioids such as Vicodin and Oxycontin
  • Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that’s much more powerful than morphine
  • Heroin, a dangerous, illegal drug that is often sought out by users when prescription opioids aren’t available

Why Are Opioids So Addictive?

There are several reasons why opioids are addictive, including the following: 

Their Euphoric Effect: Opioids produce a euphoric effect and activate the brain’s rewards center. Once the euphoric effect wears off, many people crave the drug so they can experience it again. This makes it especially desirable for people looking to self-medicate mental illness. 

They Allow You to Build a Tolerance: Many people who take opioids feel like they are not doing enough to relieve their pain or may want more of the euphoric effect. They will begin taking more of the drug going beyond their recommended dose. The more of the drug they take, the more they will build a tolerance and the less effect it will have. This will cause them to continue increasing their dose. 

They Will Experience Withdrawal Symptoms: After a while, users will get so used to having the drug in their body, that they will be unable to function without it. They will experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not present. The only way to make these withdrawal symptoms go away short-term is to do more of the drug. This puts them in a vicious cycle of addiction.

Are There Outpatient Programs for Opioid Addiction?

Many people are reluctant to get the help they need for opioid addiction because they feel rehab will take up too much of their time. Fortunately, opioid outpatient treatment is available. 

With outpatient opioid rehab, you may be enrolled in one of three programs as follows: 

  • Partial Hospitalization: Partial hospitalization requires you to stay in treatment 6-8 hours a day. You can spend the rest of the day working or spending time with family. 
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: You will have therapy sessions a few times a week with intensive outpatient treatment. 
  • Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient treatment involves one or two therapy sessions a week or on an as-needed basis. 

Outpatient treatment is recommended for people whose dependency issues aren’t that severe. They will also be more effective if people have a good home environment as an environment of drug use and abuse can negate its effects. It can be used as primary care, or it can be a follow-up to inpatient rehab.

How to Find Outpatient Rehab Programs for Opioids in South Florida

There are many outpatient rehabs in South Florida. So how do you find the one that’s right for you? You can spend hours researching or save yourself trouble by first calling Principles Recovery. 

Principles Recovery takes a customized, dual diagnosis approach that simultaneously addresses addiction and its underlying cause. We offer medical detox, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatment. We focus on integrative medicine and nutrition, ensuring whole-body healing. 
Opioid addiction is not easy to fight. Principles Recovery offers a convenient opioid outpatient treatment solution providing a convenient and affordable option to people with dependency issues. Contact us to find out how you can move on to a happier, healthier state of being.

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