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What Medications Are Used in MAT Drug Treatment?

What Medications Are Used in MAT Drug Treatment?

Most of us know the importance of rehab in getting sober and battling addiction. Rehab is an essential aspect of getting and staying clean for most people facing addiction. It is also important that people understand how different rehab programs may be effective in different ways. For example, MAT drug treatment can be a vital aspect of recovery for many people.

Medication-assisted treatment for addiction has been around for many years, but not everyone knows how important a role in the process medication can play. Understanding why medications are used for treatment and the types of medications that are employed to assist with treatment will make it much easier to find you or a loved one the right type of treatment for their addiction.

At Principles Recovery, we believe in giving our clients every tool possible to succeed in their recovery. In this post, we are going to look at mat addiction treatment, what a mat program looks like, the medications that are used in drug treatment, and how to find the best South Florida drug rehab.

What is MAT? 

Medication-assisted treatment is a form of rehab that uses medications to offset some of the effects of addiction and recovery. This can take a wide variety of forms, and the medications that are used can range from pharmaceutical drugs to over-the-counter medications depending on the needs of the person. 

The most common use of medication-assisted treatment is to help with the detox and withdrawal process. All clients who enter rehab are forced to detox off all drugs they are using. When this happens, a person goes into what is known as withdrawal. During this time, the body is adjusting to the lack of drugs in their system and behaves in different ways, some of which can be life-threatening if not managed properly. Withdrawal symptoms can range in type and severity, with some people only experiencing mild symptoms while others experience extreme conditions like heart problems, mental illness, and more. 

Besides helping to manage the symptoms of detox and withdrawal, medication-assisted treatment can also assist with managing a client’s existing health conditions, whether they are a result of the addiction or something separate. Keeping clients healthy is one of the primary focuses of a treatment program. Therefore, medication may be administered to treat health issues while the person is in rehab. 

Lastly, medication is sometimes used as part of the rehab process, such as in treating or managing mental illness co-occurring with an addiction. In these cases, if the mental illness is not controlled properly, the client is several times more likely to relapse than when their mental illness is managed because the two problems essentially feed off of each other.

What Medications Are Used in MAT? 

Certain medications are used for specific purposes. For example, the drug Naltrexone is used to help with alcohol addiction because it reduces the pleasurable effects of alcohol and works to cancel out cravings. 

Other drugs are used to slowly help a person come off a more addictive drug, such as replacing opioids or other drugs with methadone. This is a common practice in rehab when the withdrawal symptoms are too severe. 

In other cases, drugs like any number of benzodiazepines may be used to manage anxiety, panic attacks, and other symptoms. Benzos are sometimes used for clients with mental illness as well to help treat their condition, but in a controlled environment where the person cannot abuse the drugs. 

Heart medications, pain medications, and other options may also be used to manage health problems and keep clients stable while in rehab.

How to Find MAT Drug Rehabs in South Florida 

If you think that you or a loved one need medication-assisted addiction treatment in South Florida, don’t hesitate to come to us at Principles Recovery immediately. Our drug rehab program in South Florida includes medically-assisted treatment, detox, and even partial hospitalization if a client has health concerns that need constant monitoring. We know that addiction can take its toll on a person, and that’s why we want to offer the best solutions possible for their recovery. Don’t wait, contact us today and ask about one of our many treatment programs and how they can help you recover.

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