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Killer Nation: Americans More Likely to Die from Overdose Than Car Accidents

A Serious Problem

Recent news based on published statistics about drug use comes to an alarming conclusion. Overdoses from opiates now cause more deaths in the USA each year than car accidents. This suggests that the opioid addiction epidemic is a serious problem and possibly may be getting even worse than ever. CBS News has reported that about 130 Americans each day now die from opioids and that teens and children are now also abusing both prescription and illegal opiate-based drugs at increased rates. The overall drug addiction problem in the USA seems to be growing, with over 64,000 people dying from overdoses in 2016 alone. Estimates for 2017 are at around 49,000 deaths from opiates. An increase in use of illegal fentanyl may be one of the main culprits in this rising death toll. Advocates are now calling for increased access to drugs that counteract the effects of addiction and overdoses such as naloxone.

Learning to Help and the Signs of Addiction

Considering the gravity of this situation now may be the best time to refer anyone you know with an addiction to some kind of substance abuse treatment program. Access to addiction treatment has been specifically recommended by the National Safety Council as one of the most important responses to the overdose problem. This means that drug treatment centers will play a vital role in helping to keep America safe and healthy in the coming years as we begin to collectively combat this issue. Average people can also become a part of the solution by learning to recognize the signs of addiction. These signs can include irregular sleep patterns with excessive amounts of sleep, loss of interest in hobbies or other activities, risk-taking behaviors, wearing long-sleeved clothing to hide track marks, not paying bills on time or suddenly skipping out on other obligations and looking to constantly borrow money. Withdrawal complications such as sweating and diarrhea can also occur if the person has gone for a while without using the drug. Learning to detect these signs early is also crucial, as opioid addiction can also cause damage to the brain and liver even if the person has not overdosed. Also keep in mind that legitimate prescription opiates are normally only given for a few days or weeks at a time, meaning prolonged use of the drug is always an indicator of addiction. When recognizing these signs, it may be important to stage an intervention or other means of causing the person to realize how serious opioid addiction can become. Family members can make it clear to their loved ones that seeking help for addiction is necessary and not merely an option. Recovery is definitely possible and taking serious action is the only way to get a person to change their habits. There are many different treatment options available depending on an individual’s personality and goals, but some level of professional guidance is always necessary.

Principles Recovery Center Can Help

For more information about substance abuse treatment, please contact Principles Recovery Center. Located in Davie, Florida near Fort Lauderdale, Principles has a proven track record of success for over thirty years along with special Spanish Language treatment programs. Principles also offer a number of programs such as traditional rehab, as well as intensive outpatient programs that allow for increased freedom and maintenance of outside obligations. All of this is done in a positive environment with individualized care based on each person’s strengths and needs. All programs include meetings and support from groups of peers and staff. Feel free to visit the website to learn more about Principles Recovery Center.

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