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Each year an estimated 200,000 people worldwide die from drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one needs help, then taking the easy or shortest route may add to that statistic.

Due to the massive increase of the drug epidemic, the advertising money being spent by drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and marketing companies has skyrocketed. There are commercials with actors playing the part of active addicts trying to convince the viewer that calling the number on the screen is the right way to go. There are billboards scattered throughout cities with addiction epidemics broadcasting “Need Treatment? Call Now!”

Unfortunately, many will follow these instructions and are directed to call centers scattered throughout the country. They claim they will place you or your loved one in a facility that will suit their “needs.” Here’s the problem with the statement “their needs:” it’s actually just an excuse to send them to a facility that will pay the most money to get you or your loved one into their center. The United States Surgeon General stated in a report this year that, “Well-supported scientific evidence shows that addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic brain disease that has potential for recurrence and recovery.” If drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, rather than performing a Google search or respond to a TV ad, would it not be in your best interest to do thorough research on multiple facilities? Would you call a billboard ad if you were diagnosed with cancer or any other life threatening disease? No. You would spend considerable time researching the best possible facility to increase your chances at a long, healthy, and fruitful life. Finding the correct rehabilitation center is not easy and many times so stressful you will go anywhere just to change the status quo. That cannot and should not be the case, as your life or your loved ones’ lives are on the line!

Below are some great steps when considering what facility will work for you:

· Read Reviews: Don’t just look at the testimonials or videos on a webpage, as they can be fabricated, often by staff or marketers. Go through multiple sources to get your information, such as Google Reviews,, and Facebook. Facebook is a valuable researching tool as facilities are unable to delete or skew reviews in their favor. This leads to the majority of the reviews being a genuine reflection of their care. Also keep in mind the quantity of reviews; most reputable facilities should have numerous reviews from over the years.

· Ask the Right Questions: You or your loved one’s life is on the line. It’s important to be prepared in advance and ready to ask the appropriate questions regarding their facility and treatment program. Below are a few examples:

  •   What is your staff to client ratio?
  •   What tools do you provide for success after treatment?
  •   How often is there 1 on 1 time with counselors?
  •   How large are group sizes? How many clients per clinician on average?
  •   What are the core vision and focus of the program?
  •   What makes your program successful?
  •   What are the statistics of long term client sobriety for your facility?

· Talk to Multiple Facilities: Odds are you are not an expert in the industry of drug and alcohol rehab, but most likely you’re well versed in comparative shopping. Treatment program options should be viewed the same way. It’s important to call multiple facilities to compare your likes and dislikes until you and your family have chosen the right one. It’s recommended that you speak with at least 3-5 facilities on more than one occasion prior to making your decision.

We live in a society where the first page of Google dictates exactly what we need, want, and what would be beneficial for us. That is not the case when it comes to long-term health care treatment. Just because a treatment center has the largest budget, it does not necessarily mean they can provide the best care. The drug and alcohol epidemic is at an all-time high and countless individuals are losing their lives each and every day. It’s imperative we do our due diligence when screening facilities to ensure we place ourselves or our loved ones where they have the best chance of staying clean and sober!

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