How To Have Fun in Florida While Sober

Although getting sober can be challenging, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. When your life is controlled by drugs or alcohol, you end up losing sight of what’s important. When you’re getting high, you think you’re having fun but in reality, you aren’t. There’s nothing actually fun about being incoherent and hurting the ones you love. Ruining your physical and mental health is also not fun. 

Now that you’ve gained sobriety and have your life back, you’re probably starting to learn what makes you happy. Your judgment is no longer hindered by drugs and alcohol, and your emotions are no longer numb. You’ll have the time and energy to learn new things and meet new people. 

A big component of being happy is having fun. When you have fun, you reduce the amount of stress you have and serotonin is released in the brain. Being happy and having fun will help you maintain your recovery. So, how to have fun you may ask? Traveling is a great way to have fun. By changing your scenery, you can learn new things and meet new people. A great place to travel domestically is Florida. 

Fun Things to do in Florida

Florida is a beautiful place with warm weather all year round. It’s also a large state that’s easy to drive around in. Florida also happens to be culturally diverse, Each city has its own charm and attitude. For instance, Miami Beach has a lot of Cuban influence. It’s a great place to visit if you want to learn about a different culture. Orlando, which is in central Florida, has a lot of activities to do geared towards family. Below are a few fun sober activities to do throughout Florida: 

  1. Theme Parks: Without a doubt, this is one of Florida’s main attractions. There are multiple major theme parks in Florida. One of the biggest is Disney World, which is a handful of amusement parks put together. This includes Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, the new Star Wars area of the park, and more! Florida is also home to Universal Studios, which pays homage to some of this entertainment industry’s biggest hits. Florida is also home to Sea World, where people can explore some of the most majestic creatures of the sea.
  2. Beaches: For those who love the outdoors, Florida is the place to go. Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The blue water and white sand are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Furthermore, the salty sea breeze will help everyone relax and appreciate nature for all its glory.
  3. Golf: Anyone who loves golf is going to be happy in Florida. The warm climate and blue skies mean that golf is played throughout the year. There are countless golf courses in cities like West Palm Beach and Tampa. Each course will -present a new challenge to the player. Anyone who is looking to develop a new hobby or hone a skill should consider taking up golf!
  4. Sports: Florida is home to numerous sports teams. Many people flock to Florida just to catch a football game, basketball game, or baseball game. There are also major tennis tournaments that take place throughout the year. Why not take this chance to see some of the world’s greatest athletes compete?

Principles Recovery Center is Here to Help!

At Principles Recovery Center, we are a drug rehab and addiction treatment facility located in Davie, Florida. This is one of the most scenic areas in the country and we like to take full advantage of our location to help people get sober and stay clean. We offer a family-focused treatment program because we understand that addiction and mental health issues can impact not only the individual but family members and friends as well. That is why we focus on the entire person, including loved ones. In addition, we know that addiction does not discriminate. That is why we also provide a Spanish drug treatment program for those whose primary language is Spanish. We would be happy to help you with the recovery process as well. If you are interested in learning more about our addiction recovery programming, please contact us today! 

Why You Should Consider Going To Rehab In Florida

Addiction treatment paves the road to recovery. Where you choose to go to rehab is a crucial component to receiving the treatment you need. The safest place to heal is a place where you’ll be happy. If you’re not fond of the cold you probably won’t be happy seeking treatment in Minnesota. If your happy place includes warm weather and nice beaches, Principles Recovery Center in Davie, Florida is the perfect rehab for you. 


Generally speaking, people choose to vacation where the air is warm, the water is blue, and the sand is fine, making Florida the perfect vacation destination. But why just vacation in Florida? Why not heal there too? Seeking addiction treatment in Florida is the best way to grow and heal. You’ll be exposed to beaches, the sun, the warm air, and nothing could be better!

We should also mention Vitamin D is gained through sun exposure and benefits the body in numerous ways. On average, there are 237 days of sunshine a year in Florida! 


Principles Recovery Center is located less than 30 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale Airport, a major international airport. Seeking treatment can be intimidating and isolating but traveling to Principles Recovery Center is simple and easy. This is just one less thing to worry about while seeking help. This makes the process entirely easier for you to get help.


Whether you currently reside in a small town or big city, your environment can have a huge effect on your road to recovery. In small towns, word gets around fast. You probably don’t want people talking about your treatment and want to remove yourself from your current surroundings. 

If you live in a big city, you might feel alone even when the world around you is so loud and busy. In this instance, it’s normal to feel as though you are the only one dealing with this sort of problem, even though you aren’t.

By moving to a new place, you may feel a sense of tranquility and peace about you that you’ve never experienced before. Although it can be scary trying something new, determination and bravery lead to sobriety. 

In a new environment, the usual temptations are not readily available. The main causes of stress in your life at home are miles away. By seeking treatment in Florida you’re giving yourself a chance to focus on your health and wellbeing.

Fresh Start

A fresh start is waiting for you at Principles Recovery Center. By going out of state for addiction treatment, you have the unique opportunity to plan your comeback or decide that a permanent change of scenery is for you. All of the anguish and turmoil you experienced during your addiction can be left behind and you can start out as a brand new you.

We’re also with you every step of the way. If you’re worried about going to Florida for 30 days and then not knowing what to do next, that won’t be your experience with Principles Recovery Center. Our aftercare specialist helps you put together a plan to continue to recover from addiction. If you decide to stay in Florida, we’re here for you. If you decide to go back home, we’re still here for you. 

While it might seem like all drug addiction treatment centers are the same, the location makes a huge difference. We hope that you choose Principles Recovery Center. Contact us today, we want to help.