Why You Should Consider Going To Rehab In Florida

Addiction treatment paves the road to recovery. Where you choose to go to rehab is a crucial component to receiving the treatment you need. The safest place to heal is a place where you’ll be happy. If you’re not fond of the cold you probably won’t be happy seeking treatment in Minnesota. If your happy place includes warm weather and nice beaches, Principles Recovery Center in Davie, Florida is the perfect rehab for you. 


Generally speaking, people choose to vacation where the air is warm, the water is blue, and the sand is fine, making Florida the perfect vacation destination. But why just vacation in Florida? Why not heal there too? Seeking addiction treatment in Florida is the best way to grow and heal. You’ll be exposed to beaches, the sun, the warm air, and nothing could be better!

We should also mention Vitamin D is gained through sun exposure and benefits the body in numerous ways. On average, there are 237 days of sunshine a year in Florida! 


Principles Recovery Center is located less than 30 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale Airport, a major international airport. Seeking treatment can be intimidating and isolating but traveling to Principles Recovery Center is simple and easy. This is just one less thing to worry about while seeking help. This makes the process entirely easier for you to get help.


Whether you currently reside in a small town or big city, your environment can have a huge effect on your road to recovery. In small towns, word gets around fast. You probably don’t want people talking about your treatment and want to remove yourself from your current surroundings. 

If you live in a big city, you might feel alone even when the world around you is so loud and busy. In this instance, it’s normal to feel as though you are the only one dealing with this sort of problem, even though you aren’t.

By moving to a new place, you may feel a sense of tranquility and peace about you that you’ve never experienced before. Although it can be scary trying something new, determination and bravery lead to sobriety. 

In a new environment, the usual temptations are not readily available. The main causes of stress in your life at home are miles away. By seeking treatment in Florida you’re giving yourself a chance to focus on your health and wellbeing.

Fresh Start

A fresh start is waiting for you at Principles Recovery Center. By going out of state for addiction treatment, you have the unique opportunity to plan your comeback or decide that a permanent change of scenery is for you. All of the anguish and turmoil you experienced during your addiction can be left behind and you can start out as a brand new you.

We’re also with you every step of the way. If you’re worried about going to Florida for 30 days and then not knowing what to do next, that won’t be your experience with Principles Recovery Center. Our aftercare specialist helps you put together a plan to continue to recover from addiction. If you decide to stay in Florida, we’re here for you. If you decide to go back home, we’re still here for you. 

While it might seem like all drug addiction treatment centers are the same, the location makes a huge difference. We hope that you choose Principles Recovery Center. Contact us today, we want to help. 

Principles Recovery Center: One More Step to Healthy Living

Starting a new life without a dependence on drugs and alcohol is a big challenge, but it’s not impossible.  Fortunately, anyone who is serious about wanting to get over their dependence, both physically and psychologically, can do it.  Overcoming these problems cold turkey is never easy, can even be dangerous and even life-threatening.  But there is a healthy alternative: Principles Recovery Center, Florida-licensed inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center located in Davies.

At Principles Recovery Center, we offer both a program and an environment where patients can receive treatment in a safe environment where they can focus and receive every benefit of our time-proven program: physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  These benefits include:


Prime among the benefits of an inpatient treatment program is safety.  As difficult as drug and alcohol treatment is, an inpatient approach is the most effective since it offers the participants a chance to be free of the daily stresses and temptations of life and concentrate on recovery.  Further, eliminating substances nearly always causes withdrawal symptoms that often include the following:

*  Tremors

*  Sweating

*  Panic and anxiety

*  Insomnia

*  Restlessness

*  Nausea and vomiting

*  Seizures

*  Hallucinations and delusions

*  Muscle aches

The length of time that withdrawal symptoms, as well as their severity, is usually associated with what substances a patient has abused.  With a recovery program that is based on an inpatient treatment approach, patients receive a complete set of support services, including medical supervision that can help patients deal with problems as they occur, whether they are directly related to the substance abuse issues.  With medical solutions so close at hand, patients are better able to reach for a proven alternative that will help, rather than hinder their recovery.

Safety and Support

Perhaps the most important benefit of a residential treatment program to deal with drug and alcohol abuse is with a supportive and safe environment, which includes people who understand precisely what another patient is going through.  This includes the treatment professionals as well as peers who are struggling to deal with the same problems that they are.  Treatment professionals who are educated and experienced in providing their recovery services to patients, as well as peers who also provide support, are the complete set of tools that patients can use to overcome their dependence.

A huge part of drug and alcohol dependency comes from the environment of the person suffering from their effects.  With a residential program of drug and alcohol recovery, patients are taken out of the environment that caused them to become addicted.  Without these surroundings, patients are better able to find the support that will bring them to a better place for complete and total recovery from their addictions.  Further, patients are removed from the other stresses of daily living, whether they contribute directly to addictive behavior or not.  Even day-to-day requirements for living such as preparing meals for themselves and family are eliminated so that patients can deal in a focused manner on their rehab.


Another important benefit of an inpatient addiction treatment program is structure.  With an inpatient treatment approach, people who are faced with their old choices are removed from the day-to-day stresses, which include being unable to contact or be contacted by drug dealers and other negative acquaintances who are able to influence a patient’s life decisions.

Focus for the Long Run

Hope.  Perhaps greater than any other influence for patients is the opportunity for hope in the lives of those affected.  An inpatient program of drug and alcohol abuse gives patients the chance to hope and gives them a clear future to focus on and gives them the tools to reach those goals.