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Are There Rehab Facilities in Davie, Florida?

Addiction is a complex disease characterized by the compulsive abuse of harmful substances, leading to long-lasting and harmful changes to the brain. To recover from an addiction, one must undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of medical professionals who have experience with treating and helping people recover from their addictions. Sunny Davie, Florida is the perfect place to start over and recover from your battle with addiction.

Are There Rehab Facilities in Davie, Florida?

Rehabilitation is a necessary step for people experiencing addiction problems in South Florida. Realizing that you have a problem and seeking help is the first necessary step on the road to recovery from an addiction. Rehab facilities in Davie, Florida, are located in a sunny, relaxing part of Florida that can be helpful in one’s experience with recovery. 

When recovering from an addiction, the less distractions you experience at rehab the more you are able to focus on the problem at hand. Surrounded by serene beaches and sunny weather offers relaxation that does not always exist in rehab facilities in other climates. Choosing to attend rehab in sunny South Florida offers peace of mind and relaxation like no other location in the U.S. 

Principles Recovery Center is not your typical South Florida rehabilitation facility. We believe in a unique, hyper-individualized approach to treating every client that enters through our doors. We want our clients to know that once you are here, you will never be alone again. 

What Are the Different Types of Rehab Facilities in Davie, Florida?

Florida is home to many rehabilitation facilities, offering a plethora of recovery options for people looking to recover from an addiction. The different types of rehab facilities in South Florida include inpatient rehab centers, outpatient treatment programs, intensive outpatient care facilities, medically monitored detox centers, and more. Before enrolling in a rehabilitation program, it is important to understand the key differences between these types of rehab facilities that South Florida has to offer. 

Inpatient rehabilitation centers require patients to stay overnight at the facilities for extended periods of time. Inpatient rehab is typically meant for more serious addictions, or for people who do not have a stable support system to go home to. Most inpatient programs require patients to attend rehab for 30, 60, or 90 straight days depending on each person’s specific needs and situations. 

Some of the benefits of inpatient rehabilitation includes that it provides a ‘zero tolerance environment’ for people who may have trouble with temptation when they are alone. Being under 24-hour supervision wards off distraction and temptation. Another benefit of inpatient rehabilitation is the readily available staff of medical professionals, counselors, and therapists, all at your immediate disposal. 

Traditional outpatient treatment programs do not require patients to live at the premises. Traditional outpatient rehab is meant for people who either have less severe addictions, or for people who require flexibility in their rehabilitation schedule. Outpatient rehabilitation programs are optimal for individuals who have the willpower to remain sober without 24-hour supervision and who are committed to making necessary changes on their own. 

Medically monitored rehabilitation is the best solution when you have a severe physically dependent relationship to substances. Physical dependence to a harmful substance can have potentially life-threatening adverse effects on the body. People who have an intense physical dependence to drugs or alcohol must be monitored throughout the recovery process to track their withdrawal symptoms and to protect people from having a severe reaction to detoxification.

How Principles Recovery Can Help You Get Sober Today

Principles Recovery Center is a rehab center in South Florida that offers patients the ability to achieve long-term recovery through our hyper-individualized approach to treatment. At Principles, our goal is to change lives and walk the journey of recovery with our patients. Our 30+ years of experience treating patients who are suffering from substance abuse allows our program to continually become stronger and that much more effective. 

We offer a home away from home environment for our patients because we understand the discomfort that people may feel when entering a new space. We want to ensure that every person who steps foot in our facilities feels comfortable and safe under our care. 

At Principles Recovery Center, we are extremely dedicated to helping our patients. Once you are with us at Principles, we can assure you that you will never be alone again. We are in this with you, for the long run.

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